50 Incredible Kitchen 3D Prints

50 Useful 3D Printed Kitchen Gadgets & Tools

Whether you’re a seasoned chef or simply enjoy a well-organized home, this list of kitchen 3D prints has something special to offer. It’s a collection that brings together a blend of functional kitchen tools, utensils, organizational solutions, and innovative gadgets.

Discover clever and handy tools to simplify your cooking and food preparation tasks. From unique life hacks to nifty STL files that help organize space, these 3D printed kitchen gadgets combine functionality with creativity. You can also watch some of these kitchen 3D models in action on my YouTube channel.

Measuring Cups

3D printed measuring cups

These 3D printed measuring cups are the perfect blend of style and functionality. Elevate your cooking with precision and aesthetics! Cults3D

Knife Holder Stand

3d printed knife stand

This striking and functional 3D printed knife holder features a brave warrior in a heroic stance. A cleverly designed knife stand. Thingiverse

Soda Can Dispenser ​

3d printed can dispenser

A convenient and stylish solution for organizing and dispensing your favorite soda cans! Will fit perfectly in any refrigerator. Cults3D

Fruit Bowl

3d printed fruit bowl

A creative 3D printed fruit bowl that utilizes wooden skewers for its base. Allows for air circulation to keep your fruits fresh and beautifully displayed. Cults3D

Dumpling Maker Set

3d printed dumpling maker set

Your key to crafting perfect dumplings with ease and precision! This 3D printed dumpling maker features a cutter and press. Printables

Screw Top Bag Clips

Screw Top Bag Clips​

The perfect solution for keeping your cereal, sugar, and other dry goods fresh and organized. Convenient screw top clips that tightly seal your bags. Cults3D

Bag Clips

3d printed kitchen Bag Clip

These 3D printed bag clips securely seal your bags, keeping your food fresh and preventing spills. Printables

Cherry Pitter

cherry pitter tool

The perfect kitchen tool for effortlessly removing cherry pits. Make cherry preparation quick and easy! Cults3D

Gravity Wine Holder

gravity wine holder

A captivating display for your favorite bottle of wine. This wine bottle stand gives the illusion that it’s floating in mid-air. Thingiverse

Sunflower Flexible Coaster

3d printed drink coaster

A flexible and beautiful addition to your tabletop! This flexible sunflower coaster will brighten up any dull space. Printables

Jar Opener

Jar Opener

The ultimate kitchen tool for effortlessly opening stubborn jars and containers. Never struggle to open a jar again! Thingiverse

Spaghetti Measuring Tool

Spaghetti Measuring Tool​

Portion spaghetti with ease! This 3D printed kitchen tool reduces waste so you cook just the right amount. Printables

Grocery Bag Holder

3d printed grocery Bag Holder

This 3D printed grocery bag holder is your ultimate ally for carrying multiple bags effortlessly! Turn multiple trips form your car into one. Thingiverse

Elephant Cutlery Drainer

Elephant Cutlery Drainer

A delightful and functional addition to your kitchen! This little elephant drains washed cutlery into your sink through his trunk. Thingiverse

Egg Cracker Tool

3d printed egg cracker tool

This 3D printed egg cracker ensures a clean crack every time, preventing shell fragments from falling into your pan or bowl. Cults3D

Sink Strainer

3d printed sink Drain Strainer

A simple yet reliable solution for keeping your kitchen sink free from food debris. This sink strainer prevents clogs and keeps your sink clean. Thingiverse

Egg Slicer

Egg slicer

Cut up boiled eggs in even slices quickly! Simply attach fishing wire and you have yourself a handy kitchen gadget. 3DForPrint

Egg Separator

3d printed egg separator

The perfect kitchen tool for effortlessly separating egg yolks from egg whites. Crack the egg into the separator, leaving only the yolk. Thingiverse

Cereal Dispenser

cereal dispenser

A neat solution for convenient and mess-free dispensing. Perfect for cereal, rice, seeds and much more! Cults3D

Bagel Slicer

bagel slicer

Say goodbye to uneven bagel cuts! This STL file lets you easily cut bagels in half while protecting your hand from accidental slips. Thingiverse

Banana Cutter

banana slicer

This clever banana-shaped design lets you cut full bananas into perfect slices with just one swift motion. Thingiverse

Can Handle

drink Can Handle

Secure a grip on your drink cans! This 3D printed can handle easily attaches to any standard sized beverage. Thingiverse

Tablet Mount

tablet holder

A nifty kitchen accessory for recipe reading and hands-free cooking. This tablet mount features easy adjustment. Thingiverse

Mason Jar Dispenser

Mason Jar Dispenser

Easy and convenient dispenser for your mason jars! Pop it onto your jars and spin the handle to dispense 1/4 cup at a time. Cults3D

Paper Towel Holder

3d printed paper towel holder

Convenient paper towel dispensing for your kitchen! Mountable under your upper cabinets so you can save space while being organized. Cults3D

Sushi Making Kit

Sushi Maker Set

Craft authentic and delicious sushi rolls at home! These STL files provide you with sushi molds and slicing guides. Printables

Orange Peeler

3d printed orange peeler

This 3D printed orange peeler is the ultimate tool for effortlessly peeling oranges and citrus fruit skins. Thingiverse

Skewer Whisk

3d printed whisk

Whisk up something yummy in a pinch! This whisk features a unique design that uses skewers instead of traditional wires for mixing. Cults3D

Cat Taco Holder

Cat Taco Holder​

The purrfect kitchen accessory for holding your tacos in style! This 3D printed taco holder features a cat design on the front! Printables

Hedgehog Toothpick Holder

Hedgehog Toothpick Holder​

A hilarious accessory for any kitchen! Fill up the hedgehog’s back with toothpicks for a charming addition to any table top. Cults3D

Toast Extractor

Toast Extractor

Say goodbye to burned fingers and struggling with hot toast! This toast extractor helps you to safely remove pieces from your toaster! Cults3D

Recipe Book Stand

Recipe Book Stand

The ideal kitchen 3D print for hands-free recipe reading and easy meal preparation. This grippy stand keeps your book open at the perfect angle. Printables

Strawberry Stem Remover

Strawberry Stem Remover

A handy kitchen gadget for easily removing strawberry stems. This tool makes quick work and keeps food waste to a minimum. Cults3D

Universal Bottle Opener

3d printed Bottle Opener

The ultimate multi-functional bottle opener for your kitchen! It can open beer bottles, screw tops and cans. Thingiverse

Extra Fridge Drawer

Fridge Drawer

Create extra storage space in your refrigerator with this nifty 3D printed drawer! Designed to easily slide onto most fridge shelves. Cults3D

Kitchen Scraps Bag Holder

Kitchen Bag Holder​

A convenient solution for managing kitchen waste. This bag holder attaches toy our kitchen cabinets for easy disposal of scraps. Cults3D

Wine Glass Rack

Wine Glass Rack

A space-saving solution for organizing your wine glasses in your kitchen cupboards! This clever model can be screwed underneath any shelf. Printables

Rocket Corn Holders

Rocket Corn Holders

Blast off your dinner into your mouth with these 3D printed corn holders. A unique way to enjoy corn on the cob! Pinshape

Notepad Holder

Notepad Holder

This nifty 3D print holds traditional notepads! Simply add an adhesive back or magnets to hang a shopping list to your wall or fridge. MyMiniFactory

Rolling Pin Spacer

Rolling Pin Spacer

The perfect baking accessory for achieving consistent rolls. These spacers slide onto your rolling pin to ensure uniform thickness for your dough. Printables

Pot Lid Organizer

Pot Lid Organizer

Neatly store pot lids on the inside of cupboard doors.  This clever STL file maximises storage efficiency in your kitchen. Cults3D

Knife Sheath

3d printed Knife Sheath

This 3D printed knife sheath will have you saying goodbye to accidental cuts and damaged blades! Thingiverse

Pasta Drying Rack

Pasta Drying Rack

A practical solution for drying out your freshly made pasta. This pasta drying station uses 3D printing and unused chopsticks. Cults3D

Cheese Singles Tray

Cheese Singles Tray

This appropriately designed tray perfectly holds all your cheese slices. Made to hold a standard pack of 22 cheese singles. Cults3D

Sponge Holder

3d printed Sponge holder

A sleek and functional 3D printed sponge holder. Keep your sponges organized and within reach on a draining rack. Thingiverse

Magnetic Knife Holder

Magnetic Knife Holder

The stylish way to display your knives! This 3D printed model just needs magnets and you have yourself a magnetic knife holder. Printables

Knife Sharpening Aid

Knife Sharpening Aid

The ultimate kitchen tool for achieving razor-sharp edges on your kitchen knives. Guides your knife at the perfect angle for optimal sharpening. Thingiverse

Lemon Wedge Squeezer

3d printed Lemon Squeezer

Effortlessly extract fresh lemon juice! This gadget squeezes lemon wedges, providing you with the maximum amount of juice. Cults3D

Finger Guard

Finger Guard

An essential kitchen safety tool for protecting your fingers while slicing and chopping. This shield fits comfortably at your fingertips. Thingiverse

Nespresso Dispenser

Nespresso capsule dispenser

A storage solution for organizing your Nespresso capsules. This Nespresso capsule dispenser is designed to fit standard boxes. Printables

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