30 Epic 3D Printed Board Games

30 Best 3D Printed Board Games

Explore the exciting world of 3D printed board games! From classic favorites reimagined with a modern twist to entirely original creations, this carefully curated list of board game STL files features a diverse selection to cater to all tastes and preferences. These fun 3D printed games are set to revolutionize your tabletop gaming nights, offering hours of entertainment for people of all ages!


3d printed Battleships set

Prepare for an epic naval showdown with this 3D printed battleships board game! sink your opponent’s ships before they sink yours. Cults3D

Tetris Balance Game

tetris balance board game

Take turns balancing these Tetris inspired shapes on an unstable base. One wrong move and the pieces will tumble! Cults3D

Frog Checkers

frog checkers set

Hop your way to victory across the lily-pads with frog checkers! Get to your opponent’s end and place a crown on your frog! Thingiverse

Tic Tac Toe

3d printed tic tac toe set

Elevate the classic game of Tic Tac Toe to new dimensions. Strategically place your Xs and Os to get three in a row and win. Cults3D

Infill Jenga

3d printed infill jenga stl file

Experience the next level of tabletop gaming with 3D Printed Infill Jenga: where modern technology meets classic strategy. Cults3D

Table War

table war original board game

Table War is an explosive board game! Take turns sending your tanks out to fight and the one with the last tank left wins the battle. Printables

3D Chess Set

star trek 3d chess set

Embark on an intergalactic adventure of strategic brilliance with a game of 3D Chess inspired by the one seen in Star Trek! Printables

Jenga Wobbling Base Mod

3d printed jenga wobbling base mod

A challenge for even the steadiest hands! Take your Jenga skills to the next level with a spring-powered Jenga mod. Cults3D

Reversi (Othello)

3d printed reversi othello board game set

Experience the timeless strategy game of ReversiFlip your opponent’s pieces and strategically control the board. Cults3D

Connect Four

connect four set

Battle against your opponent to connect four of your colored cubes in a row, either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. MyMiniFactory

Moe’s Monopoly Mod

3d printed monopoly mod

Create a new Monopoly experience made with your 3D printer. This mod is packed full of new features to build on top of the classic game. MyMiniFactory

Pai Sho

3d printed pai sho set avatar: the last airbender

Fancy a game of Pai Sho with your cup of ginseng tea? This board game is based off the one from Avatar: The Last AIrbender. Cults3D

Elastic Football

elastic football game

Step onto the miniature soccer field, flick your little player figures, and unleash your skills as you aim to score the winning goal. Printables

Prusament Spool Race

prusament spool face

A great way to repurpose empty Prusament spools! Create your own path, find a dice and start the race around the spool. Printables

Hallway Siege

hallway siege game

Prepare for an epic catapult showdown with this catapult conquest game. First one to knock down their opponent’s flag wins. Thingiverse

Crosshairs Board Game

crosshairs board game set

Crosshairs is an WW1 aerial combat game where players move all of their planes with the ability to climb or dive in altitude. Thingiverse

Miniature Bowling Game

3d printed bowling game

Experience the excitement of a bowling alley in the comfort of your own home with a flick of a finger! Cults3D

Pac-Man Board Game

3d printed pac-man board game

The classic arcade game of Pac-Man turned into a board game! Navigate the twists and turns, gobble up pellets, and avoid the ghosts. Thingiverse

Peg Solitaire

3d printed peg solitaire

Strategically hop over pegs until there’s only one left! It’s harder than it looks as some may get stranded alone on the board. Cults3D

Finger Soccer

finger soccer

Experience the thrill of the pitch at your fingertips with finger soccer! Print shoes, goals and a ball and you’re set to have a kick-off. Cults3D

Chinese Checkers

3d printed Chinese checkers set

Experience the timeless game of Chinese Checkers with this beautiful 3D printed set. A great strategy game for up to 6 players. Cults3D

Pokemon Chess Set

3d printed pokemon chess set

If you’re a Pokemon-loving chess enthusiast, this is a great 3D print for you! Battle Pokemon is a game of chess. Thingiverse


3d printed cathedral board game set

This 3D printed Cathedral board game brings medieval city-building to life! Take turns to place buildings, battling for unoccupied land. Cults3D

Backgammon Set

3d printed backgammon board game set

A timeless strategy game made into a elegantly 3D printed. This travel backgammon set lets you safely pack up the pieces so you can play on the go. Cults3D


3d printed quarto board game set

In quarto, players must establish a line of four pieces, with at least one common characteristic on the board to win. Thingiverse

Hnefatafl (Viking Chess)

Hnefatafl viking chess set

Command your Viking warriors, plan your moves, and use cunning tactics to surround your enemy and capture their pieces. Cults3D

Chair Stacking Game

chair stacking game

Take turns carefully stacking chair pieces one by one, creating a wobbly tower that defies gravity. The round end when the stack falls! Printables

Checkers Set

3d printed checkers set

A classic board game for endless entertainment! This 3D printed checkers set has a drawer in the board for storing pieces. Thingiverse


Pocket-Tactics Legion of the High King board game

Pocket-Tactics Legion of the High King is a fast-paced strategy board game. Conquer land in this modular fantasy board game. Pinshape

Quoridor: Maze Board Game

quoridor maze board game

Quoridor is a two-player abstract strategy gam. Be the first player to reach the opponent’s side while erecting walls to block enemy pieces. Printables

Game of Thrones Cyvasse

Game of Thrones Cyvasse chess set

A fan made 3D-printable version of the chess-like board game played in George R R Martin’s A Game of Thrones. Cults3D

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