20 Delightful Easter 3D Prints

20 Easter 3D Prints​: Best STL Files & 3D Models for 2024

As spring unfolds and Easter approaches, the art of 3D printing has opened up a world of possibilities for personalized decorations and gifts, turning the season into an innovative showcase of creativity. With the use of additive manufacturing, enthusiasts and crafters alike now have the tools to bring their Easter visions to life. Whether it’s for the centerpiece of your holiday table or unique last-minute Easter gifts for loved ones, this article is your perfect guide for finding your next 3D printing idea.

We’ve scoured numerous sources online to bring you a collection and fun Easter STL files to download. Featuring everything from one-of-a-kind 3D printed Easter eggs and whimsical bunny sculptures to practical 3D models adorned with festive flair. Get ready to be inspired and add a touch of 3D printed magic to your Easter celebrations!

3D Printed Easter Eggs

3d printed easter eggs stl file

Discover a dozen delights with this Easter egg STL file collection. Each boasting a unique design, from intricate patterns to whimsical motifs. Thingiverse

Easter Basket

easter basket stl file

Designed to mimic the classic charm of hand-woven baskets, this Easter basket 3D model is ideal for egg hunts or festive displays. Printables

Surprise Bunny Easter Egg

surprise easter egg 3d model

These 3D printed eggs can easily be cracked open to reveal a charming bunny inside. Perfect for gifts or decorations to celebrate the season. Cults3D

Play & Eat Checkers

easter egg checkers game 3d print

Dive into a delicious game of strategy with a game of play and eat checkers! Capture your opponent’s pieces and enjoy a chocolate reward. Cults3D

Easter Egg Lathe

easter egg lathe stl file

This 3D printable egg lathe is designed for the ultimate egg coloring experience. Add intricate designs and flawless patterns to your Easter eggs with ease. Printables

Middle Finger Easter Egg

middle finger easter egg stl file

Surprise and amuse with the unexpected twist of this 3D printed Easter egg! Looks like a regular egg on the outside, but once opened, it cheekily reveals a middle finger. Cults3D

Easter Egg Dispenser Bunny

bunny easter egg dispenser 3d model

The cutest addition to your Easter celebrations! This delightful 3D model playfully dispenses your chocolate Easter eggs. Thingiverse

Easter Cookie Cutters

easter bunny cookie cutters 3d model

Sweeten your Easter baking with this 3D printed Easter bunny cookie cutter. The perfect STL file for hopping into festive baking this Easter. Cults3D

Articulated Rabbit

articulated bunny stl file

Hop into the world of movable magic with this articulated rabbit 3D model. This rabbit is not just a model, but a playful companion that can sit, stand, and strike various poses. Cults3D

Easter Egg Puzzle

easter puzzle 3d model

This bunny is ready to showcase your treasures in style. Simply scale the 3D model to suit the size if your egg for the perfect gift this Easter. Cults3D

Bunny Easter Egg Holder

bunny easter egg holder stl file

This bunny’s body is the perfect nest for your Easter egg. Simply scale the bunny for the approaiite egg size to make gift giving this Easter extra fun. MakerWorld

Easter Bunny Planter

easter bunny planter

Hop into spring with a charming Easter bunny planter, where the basket isn’t just for eggs but plants too! Repurpose this model as a cute pot for your garden. Thingiverse

Jumpy Egg Toy

jumpy egg toy 3d print

This unique STL file features a playful chicken’s feet poking out from the bottom, equipped with a spring mechanism that makes the egg jump. Cults3D

Pokeball Easter Egg

pokeball easter egg stl file

Crack open a world of adventure with this 3D printed Pokeball Easter egg. Perfect for kids and Pokemon fans when gifting an Easter Egg. Cults3D

Bunny Ear Headband

flexible bunny ear headband 3d model

Add a touch of playfulness to your Easter outfit with these charming Eater Bunny ears. The ears have flexible joints so they can move freely. Cults3D

Bunny Coin Bank

easter bunny bank stl file

Save up for a hoppy day with this adorable print-in-place bunny isn’t just cute; it’s a practical piggy bank, ready to hold your savings securely in its body. Fab365

Rotten Easter Eggs

3d printed rotten easter eggs

A collection of 3D model figures that are not your ordinary eggs! Each egg features a comically ‘rotten’ design with expressive faces and distinctive characteristics. Cults3D

Rabbit Kit Card

3d printed bunny kit card toy

Send someone a hop of happiness with this 3D printed rabbit kit card. Ingeniously designed, this card transforms into a charming 3D rabbit. Cults3D

Flexible Bunny

flexible rabbit 3d model

Let this flexible bunny hop into your heart and home this Easter season! A playful and fun toy that makes a great last minute gift idea. Cults3D

Happy Easter Sign

happy easter sign 3d print

Bring a touch of festive cheer to your space with this ‘Happy Easter’ sign, designed in the shape of an egg. Perfect for adorning your home, office, or any Easter event. Cults3D

Voronoi Stanford Bunny

voronoi stanford bunny 3d model

This sophisticated 3D model is a contemporary take on the classic Stanford Bunny, reimagined with a mesmerizing Voronoi pattern. Cults3D

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