30 3D Prints For Endless Fun

30 Fun 3D Printing Ideas

Unleashing the magic of 3D printing! Explore our collection of fun things to 3D print that are sure to delight. Perfect for last-minute gifts, children’s toys, or simply to provide a dose of amusement for 3D printer enthusiasts who are looking for something new to make.

Browse our selection of exciting toys, interactive board games, and ingenious alternatives to everyday items for your home. This is your go-to collection for fun 3D printing ideas designed to inject even more excitement into the world of 3D printing. You can also experience some of these 3D models get printed on my YouTube channel.

Articulated Dragon

3d printed Articulated Dragon

This awe-inspiring creation beautifully blends the mythical allure of a dragon with the incredible flexibility of an articulated figure! Cults3D

Collapsible Pirate Sword

3d printed Collapsible Sword

From plank to pint-sized, this collapsible pirate sword goes from ‘yarrr’ to ‘where’d it arrr?’ in a swashbuckling snap! Printables

Castle Siege

Castle Siege Game

Reign havoc in your hallway with this captivating caste siege game! Catapult your way to victory to knock down your opponents flag. Cults3D

Bottle Cap Shooter

Bottle Cap Shooter

Lock and load your thirst for fun with this bottle cap shooter! Transform ordinary caps into projectiles that’ll leave you thirsting for more! Thingiverse


3d printed articulated rocktopus rock octopus

The ultimate hybrid of muscle and aquatic might with Dwayne ‘The Rocktopus’ Johnson. Even eight arms can’t contain his unstoppable charisma. Cults3D

Bulbasaur Planter

3d printed bulbasaur planter

Let your love for nature and nostalgia blossom with a 3D printed Bulbasaur planter. Combine the Pokemon with the joy of gardening! Printables

Rubber Band Gun

rubber band gun

Shoot down targets with style and ‘band’-itry with this Desert Eagle rubber band gun! Armed with unrivaled firepower and precision! Cults3D

Indoor Boomerang

3d printed boomerang

Say hello to endless entertainment indoors with this light-weight boomerang! No need for wide-open spaces and you can play on rainy days. Printables

Marble Maze Game

3d printed marble maze game

Get lost in labyrinthine fun with this 3D printed marble maze game! Test your skill and dexterity as you navigate the twists, turns. Printables

Articulated Slug

3d printed articulated slug

This friendly articulated slug will slither its way into your heart with its lifelike movements and undeniable cuteness. Printables

Toothpick Dispenser

3d printed toothpick dispenser

Watch in amusement as a little man springs into action, flexing his muscles to push up toothpicks for your convenience. Thingiverse

Bubble Blower

3d printed bubbler

Unleash the joy of bubbles! Fill up with your secret bubble formula and watch as a flurry of shimmering bubbles fills the air. Cults3D

Pan Flute

3d printed pan flute

Test your musical skills with a 3D printed pan Flute! Blow beautiful notes as you play enchanting sounds of an ancient instrument. Printables

Mini Repeating Crossbow

3d printed mini crossbow

This pocket-sized crossbow is endless fun in the palm of your hands. Repeatedly fire a flurry of toothpicks at pint-sized targets. Cults3D

Homer Sponge Holder

3d printed homer sponge holder

Bring a dash of humor to your kitchen sink as Homer Simpson hides in the bush when he holds up your sponge. Cults3D

Cube Connect Four

3d printed connect 4

Say goodbye to traditional coins and hello to cube pieces with this twist on the classic connect four board game. MyMiniFactory

Croc Spurs

3d printed croc spurs

Saddle up and ride into stylish adventures with these 3D printed croc spurs. Turn your Crocs into the ultimate footwear of the wild west. Cults3D

Spinning Tops

3d printed Spinning Tops

Spin, twirl and mesmerize with these 3D printed spinning tops. The weight of the design is spread to the boarder so they have a long spin time. Thingiverse

Musket Nerf Gun

3d printed Musket Nerf Gun

Step back in time and unleash foam-fueled firepower with this musket Nerf gun. Load, aim, and launch darts with precision! Cults3D

Playable Ocarina

3d printed Playable Ocarina

Channel your inner hero of time as you recreate the enchanting tunes from the iconic video game Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Printables

Fidget Cube

3d printed fidget cube

This print in place fidget cube is perfect for fidgety fingers! Keep your hands engaged and your mind at ease with satisfying flicks. Cults3D

Oreo Screw Top Box

3d printed oreo box

Satisfy your storage cravings with this scrumptious Oreo box! Combines charm of an Oreo cookie with the practicality of a screw top container. Cults3D

Mini Catapult

3d printed Mini Catapult

Unleash miniature mayhem with this tiny catapult! Load it up, pull back the lever, and watch as tiny projectiles soar through the air. Thingiverse

Impossible Table

3d printed impossible table

Defy gravity and challenge reality with this mind-bending 3D printed impossible table. It really looks like it’s floating in mid air! Thingiverse

Wind-Up Boat

wind-up boat

Set sail on a delightful aquatic adventure with this wind-up boat! Perfect for kids to play with in the bath tub for endless fun. Printables

Labyrinth Gift Box

3d printed labyrinth gift box

This intricately box is more than just packaging – it’s a puzzle! Perfect to hide some cash inside as a last minute gift idea. Cults3D

Starmie Fidget Spinner

starmie fidget spinner

This captivating fidget spinner brings Pokemon power to your fingertips! Give it a twirl and watch Starmie use it’s signature Rapid Spin move. Cults3D

Hand Squeeze Fan

squeeze fan

Stay cool and keep the breeze at your fingertips with this 3D printed squeeze fan. Simply give it a squeeze and feel the refreshing airflow instantly. Printables

Sandcastle Mold

Sand Castle Mold

Elevate your beach days with this 3D Printed sand castle making kit! Turn ordinary grains  of sand into extraordinary kingdoms. Cults3D

D20 Dice Box

d20 dice box

Store your dice in style using this cool D20 box! You only needs magnets, then you’ll have an impressive dice box for your next DND night. Printables

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