30 Useful 3D Printing Ideas

30 Useful 3D Prints You Need To Try

Where creativity meets functionality! Discover our list of 30 exceptionally useful 3D prints that combine practicality with innovation. This selection ranges from everyday essentials to specialized tools, providing STL files crafted to streamline your life and enhance efficiency. Ideal for hobbyists, DIY aficionados, or anyone keen on optimizing their living or working environment, our collection offers a diverse array of 3D models to suit various needs. It’s a showcase of the immense potential that 3D printing technology holds!

Smartphone Tripod​

3d printed smartphone tripod

Elevate your photography game with this 3D printed universal smartphone tripod. Supports all phones, in any orientation, as well as tablets. Cults3D

Contour Gauge

Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast, a craftsman, or a hobbyist, this 3D printed contour gauge is your secret weapon for replicating intricate shapes. Cults3D

Fruit Picker

fruit picker

Reach new heights of fruit picking convenience with this 3D printed fruit picker! Designed for those hard-to-reach fruits hanging high in trees. Cults3D

Household Task Planner

Household Task Planner

This specially designed planner is the ultimate tool for coordinating chores and responsibilities between partners. Printables

Pistachio Opener

Pistachio Opener

Easily crack open pistachios with this ingenious tool. It takes the hassle out of enjoying the sometimes difficult to open nuts. Cults3D

Spaghetti Fork

3d printed spaghetti fork

Embrace effortless pasta enjoyment with this innovative spaghetti fork! Simply push down on the fork and it will twirl up your spaghetti. Thingiverse

Drill Bit Sharpener

3d printed Drill Bit Sharpener

Designed specifically for Dremel tools, this handy accessory allows you to easily and efficiently sharpen your drill bits for optimal performance. Cults3D

Recessed Cable Holder

Recessed Cable Holder

This sleek accessory is designed to keep your cables neatly tucked away, eliminating clutter and creating a clean and organized desk surface. Thingiverse

Drink Can Lid

drink can lid

Keeps your drink fresh, protects from spills and insects from taking a sip! Snaps onto the top of any standard sized can. Cults3D

Toothpaste Squeezer

3d printed toothpaste squeezer

Maximize every last drop of toothpaste with this toothpaste squeezer! Designed to make brushing your teeth easier and more efficient. Thingiverse

Panic Whistle

panic whistle

This essential personal safety device is designed to provide a powerful and piercing sound that can alert others in an emergency situation. Thingiverse

One Hand Book Holder

one hand book holder

Experience the joy of effortless reading! This simple design provides comfort and convenience, leaving a hand free while you read. Cults3D

Peep Hole Cover

3d printed Peep Hole Cover

An extra layer of protection for your home, this cover ensures that your peep hole remains secure and prevents anyone from peering in. Thingiverse

Fridge Storage Box

Fridge Storage

Optimize your refrigerator and create extra storage space! Clip onto refrigerator shelves, giving you a compartment for your food items. Cults3D

Dumpling Maker

3d printed Dumpling Maker

Master the art of dumpling making with this 3D printed press! This tool simplifies the process, allowing you to create sealed dumplings. Cults3D

Card Shuffler

Card Shuffler

Impress your friends at your next poker night with this 3D printed card shuffler! Watch as this gadget swiftly shuffles any regular deck of cards. Cults3D

Rolling Pin Spacers

Rolling Pin Spacer

Always have precise and consistent rolling when you bake! Roll the perfect cookie each time with this set of rolling pin spacers! Printables

Tape Dispenser

3d printed Tape Dispenser

No more struggling to find the end of the tape! A simple and quick 3D print that should be on every roll of tape in your workshop! Thingiverse

Fridge Door Latch

3d printed Fridge Door Latch

Stop little humans and pets raiding your food! This 3D print easily assures your door stays close and will lock itself when the door is shut. Printables

Vernier Calipers

Vernier Calipers

This ingenious accessory allows you to transform your standard ruler into a precise measuring tool similar to vernier calipers. Cults3D

No Touch Door Opener

3d printed No Touch Door Opener

This tool is ideal for hygiene and convenience! Say goodbye to germ-filled surfaces and hello to a touch-free solution for opening doors. Cults3D

Corner Protector

corner protector

Safeguard your furniture and loved with with this 3D printed corner protector! Perfect from protecting heads of little ones from bumps. MyMiniFactory

Desk Organizer

3d printed desk organizer

Keep your workspace tidy and efficient! This 3D print will reduce clutter and provide dedicated compartments for your office supplies. Cults3D

Xbox HOTAS Mod

Xbox HOTAS Mod

Elevate your gaming experience to new heights with this Xbox controller HOTAS mod. Perfect for any flight simulation game. Thingiverse

Watering Sprout

3d printed Watering Sprout

Transform empty water bottles into a watering bottle! Repurpose your trash into something useful for your gardening. Printables

Resin Vat Draining Station

Resin Vat Draining Station

Streamline your resin printing workflow! This accessory is designed to make the process of cleaning and draining your resin vat a breeze. Thingiverse

Toothbrush Travel Case

Toothbrush Travel Case

This compact and durable case is designed to securely hold your toothbrush, keeping it clean and protected during your travels. Printables

Knife Sharpening Aid

knife sharpening aid

Sharpen knives like a pro! This quick 3D print is designed to assist you in precise and consistent sharpening results on a wet stone. Thingiverse

Pistachio Bowl

Pistachio Bowl squirrel

Add a touch of fun to your snacking experience! Conveniently dispose of the shells by feeding them to the squirrel in the center. Cults3D

Drill Dust Collector

3d printed drill dust collector

This simple 3D print effectively captures and contains dust generated from drilling tasks and doubles up as a guide. Thingiverse

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