20 3D Printed Toys For Your Cat

20 3D Printed Cat Toys: Best STL Files & 3D Models​ for 2024

When it comes to pampering our feline friends, 3D printing has opened up a new realm of possibilities. No longer are pet owners limited to the selection of toys available at the local pet store. Now, with the touch of a button, they can download STL files to create 3D printed cat toys that cater to the quirks and play preferences of their cherished pets.

Dive into a list of innovative 3D printed cat toys, exploring how this technology is revolutionizing the way we interact with and entertain our cats. From 3D models design to stimulate a cat’s hunting instincts to puzzle feeders that challenge their intellect. This this list we will explore the endless creativity of 3D printing to ensuring that your cat remains engaged, active, and entertained.

Interactive Treat Dispenser

Interactive Treat Dispenser 3d model

Get ready for playful paws with an interactive treat dispenser for cats. This engaging gadget challenges your kitty’s intellect while rewarding them with treats. Cults3D

Cat Ball Track

Cat Ball Track 3d model

This circular speedway is a playground for the curious cat, featuring a whirling ball that zooms around a track, igniting your pet’s chasing instincts. Thingiverse

Fishing Rod Cat Toy

cat fishing rod 3d model

Reel in the fun with a 3D printed fishing rod for cats, where your kitty’s favorite toy dangles as an irresistible lure. Cast out the line and watch your cat leap and dance. Cults3D

Cat Toy Spring Maker

3d print Cat Toy Spring Maker filament

Transform leftover filament into bouncy treasures for your cat to pounce on and chase. An eco-friendly way to recycle left over filament for your pet’s playtime. Printables

Bottle Lid Cat Toys​

Bottle Lid Cat Toys​

Eco-friendly fun meets feline cunning with these upcycled bottle cap cat toys. Entertain your cat in various ways by filling it with catnip, bells, or treats. Cults3D

Wall Mounted Cat Groomer

Wall Mounted Cat Groomer stl file

Introduce your cat to their new favorite corner with this cat groomer STL file. This clever contraption lets your feline rub and groom to their heart’s content. Cults3D

Cat Grass Planter

3d print Cat Grass Planter

Give your cat a taste of the wild with this this 3D printed cat grass planter. Designed for the domestic jungle, this little planter grows lush blades of cat-friendly grass. Printables

Cat Balls

Cat Ball 3d model

Snap, roll, and engage with these groovy cat ball 3D models. Simply click the two halves together with a bell inside to send your kitty on an exciting chase. Thingiverse

Cat Roller & Treat Dispenser

Cat Roller & Treat Dispenser

Pamper and treat your purring companion with this innovative gadget. It’s a two-in-one delight that offers a self-grooming massage while also dispensing tasty treats. Thingiverse

Cat Wheel

3d printed cat wheel

Step up the feline fitness game by 3D printing them a cat wheel. It’s the ultimate exercise solution that lets your kitty sprint, jog, or stroll on their own indoor treadmill. Cults3D

Cat Massage Roller

Cat Massage Roller stl file

Treat your cat to a spa day every day with a 3D printed cat massage roller. This bliss-inducing tool is perfect for easing your kitty’s stress with its textured rollers. Cults3D

Treat Dispenser Puzzle

Treat Dispenser Puzzle stl file

Challenge and treat your clever cat with this innovative treat dispenser puzzle. The 3D model features a spinning dispenser that drops treats into the maze below. Printables

Cat Toy Catapult

Toy Catapult for cats

This pint-sized catapult is engineered for excitement, flinging your kitty’s favorite toys into the air and sparking their natural pouncing instincts. Printables

Interactive Cat Toy

Engage your cat’s hunter instincts with this interactive STL file. With a simple push of a lever, watch as rats pop out, sparking excitement and pouncing. Thingiverse

Cat Hands

cat hands stl file

Designed to slide gently under your cat while they’re in their favorite loaf position, these cat hands make for a hilarious and adorable sight. Cults3D

Cat Toy Rack

Cat Toy Rack 3d model

Organize your kitty’s arsenal of fun with a 3D printable cat toy rack. This clever storage solution keeps all those playful trinkets in order. Thingiverse

D20 Cat Treat Dispenser

D20 Cat Treat Dispenser 3d model

Roll for purrs with a unique 3D printed D20 cat treat dispenser. This nerdy nod to tabletop gaming is a fun, interactive way for your cat to roll a 20 and score treats. Printables

Cat Punching Bag

Train your furry fighter with this 3D printed workout wonder that dangles defiantly, daring your kitty to unleash a flurry of swipes and headbutts. Printables

Articulated Cat Toys

Articulated Cat Toy stl file

Revitalize playtime with an articulated cat toy designed to attach to old cat toy rods. Their jointed segments create unpredictable movements for your curious cat. Thingiverse

Ping Pong Ball Box

cat ping pong ball box 3d printed

Engage your cat’s hunter instincts! Through the paw-sized openings, your cat can swipe at the elusive ping pong ball, providing hours of playful pouncing. Thingiverse

Magnetic Mouse Toy

Magnetic Mouse Toy

This magnetic mouse toy is designed to scurry unpredictably beneath a table. It’s controlled by a magnet, allowing you to create a thrilling chase without ever being seen. Cults3D

Balancing Treat Toy

Balancing Treat Toy 3d print

Watch your cat’s delight as they play with this self-balancing treat dispenser, topped with a tantalizing figure! Its wobble design challenges your kitty to knock treats loose. Cults3D

Catfish Toy

3d print Catfish Toy

Use leftover filament to serve as a springy fishing line, complete with a tantalizing lure at the end that captivates your kitty’s attention and encourages active play. Printables

Wall Mounted Cat Toy

Wall Mounted Cat Toy

Spark your cat’s curiosity with this wall-mounted springy cat toy. Designed to bounce back after every swat, it offers endless entertainment for your kitty. Thingiverse

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