30 Nintendo Switch Game Cases​

Top 30 3D Printed Nintendo Switch Game Cases​ for 2024

The Nintendo Switch is one of the most popular gaming consoles in the world, with millions of fans who enjoy playing a variety of games on the go. However, carrying and storing games can be a hassle, especially when it comes to protecting the game cartridges. That’s why some creative and tech-savvy Switch owners have created their own custom cartridge holders that you can 3D print at home. 

In this article, we will explore some of the coolest and most innovative Switch game cases available for download, ranging from easy to print 3D models to themed holders inspired by classic Nintendo franchises. Whether you want to show off your fandom, organize your collection, or simply make your Nintendo Switch games more portable, there’s an abundance of STL files for you to choose from.

You can also view a variety of these 3D printed Switch game cases being made on my YouTube channel.

Switch Game Carousel

Nintendo Switch Game Carousel stl file

A spinning carousel that displays your Nintendo Switch games in style. Rotate the carousel to see the game cards pop up with a satisfying spin. Printables

Cartridge Display Dock

nintendo switch cartridge display dock stl file

This 3D printed Nintendo Switch display dock that lets you showcase your game collection and easily access your favorite titles. Holds up to 24 game cartridges. Printables

Pokeball Cartridge Holder

pokemon pokeball game card holder stl file

A stylish storage solution for Nintendo Switch gamers and Pokemon enthusiasts. Opens just like a real Pokeball to display 8 game card slots. Cults3D

Game Case Holder

Nintendo Switch Game Case Holder 3d model

Switch up your game collection with this stylish stand. It can hold up to 12 games with a sleek design that’s suitable for any gaming room. Cults3D

12 in 1 Storage Cube

foldable switch game card cube box storage 3d model

A sleek, foldable storage cube that’s capable of holding 12 Nintendo Switch cartridges or 24 micro SD cards. It also includes a stand for easy display. Cults3D

Switch Game Binder

nintendo switch game binder stl file

A 3D printed binder designed for storing up to 30 Nintendo Switch games. Offers a practical solution for game organization and protection. Cults3D

Shell Switch Game Organizer

mario kart shell switch game case stl file

Shell out your games in style with a creative turtle shell game holder! Inspired by Mario’s iconic adversaries, this protective case safeguards your games. Cults3D 

Nintendo Toaster

nintoaster nintendo switch cartridge holder

It’s a Nintoaster! This quirky little gadget pops up two game cards with the push of a lever, making game swapping as easy and fun as breakfast. Printables

42 in 1 Foldable Storage Box

foldable nintendo switch game holder stl file

Unfold a world of gaming possibilities! This compact marvel transforms from a sleek box into an expansive showcase, offering a slot for every one of your favorite titles. Cults3D

Game Boy Switch Game Case

retro gameboy switch game case

Retro gaming meets modern with this nostalgic 3D printed Game Boy. This 3D model opens to reveal secret slots inside for your Switch games. Cults3D

Warp Pipe Switch Dock

nintendo switch warp pipe dock 3d model

Jump into gaming with a Warp Pipe Nintendo Switch dock. This eye-catching dock also serves as a guardian for your games, with built-in slots for easy access. Cults3D

Master Sword Game Case

zelda master sword switch game card holder stl file

Unsheathe your console with a Master Sword Switch game case – where legendary protection meets Hylian style. Perfect for the hero  of time on the go! Cults3D

N64 Switch Cartridge Case

nintendo 64 cartridge switch game holder 3d print

A blast from the past with a twist! This Nintendo 64 cartridge slides open to reveal a hidden compartment for your Switch games. A nostalgic gamer’s dream. CGTrader

Game Case Insert

nintendo switch game case insert stl file

Maximize your gaming on the go with a cleverly designed insert that transforms any standard Switch game case into a compact powerhouse for 10 games. Thingiverse

Bokoblin Skull Chest

legend of zelda Bokoblin skull chest 3d print

Unlock the secrets of Hyrule with this 3D printable Bokoblin skull chest model. This chest doesn’t just hold games; it transports your room to the lands of Hyrule! Thingiverse

Donkey Kong Barrel Case

donkoey kong barrel game holder

Designed after the iconic barrels from Donkey Kong, this 3D printed storage case keeps your cartridges safe and sound while adding a playful touch to your gaming setup. Cults3D

Switch Dock Game Holder

nintendo switch dock game holder stl file

This minimalist model elegantly fits over your Nintendo Switch dock, not only securing your device but also offering a sleek way to organize your favorite game cards. Cults3D

Pokedex Cartridge Case

pokedex nintendo switch cartridge case

Gotta store ’em all! This Pokedex STL file pays homage to the Pokemon world, opening up to safely house your Switch game cards. A must-have for trainers on the go. Printables

Mini Nintendo Switch Case

mini nintendo switch game card holder

Take your favorite game wherever you go! This mini treasure holds a single game cartridge, making it the ultimate accessory for gamers on the move. Thingiverse

NES Cartridge Holder

retro nes nintendo switch game cartridge case

This retro-inspired masterpiece pays homage to the classic NES cartridge design while ingeniously concealing modern Switch game card holders. Cults3D

Question Block Case

super mario question block game card holder stl file

This Question Block cartridge holder is a must-have for any Super Mario fan. Keep games safe from Bowser’s minions. Just don’t hit it too hard, it’s not a real block! Cults3D

Arceus Pokeball Game Case

old pokeball 3d print switch game holder

This Ancient Pokeball 3D model captures your favorite Nintendo Switch games, keeping them safe and secure until your next adventure. Cults3D

Wallet Switch Game Plate

nintendo switch wallet game holder

Are you tired of losing your precious Nintendo Switch games? This plate fits perfectly in your wallet, so you can always safely take your favorite games with you. Printables

GameCube Dispenser

gamecube switch game case 3d print

This ingenious fusion of the GameCube’s retro design and modern functionality opens up to reveal a rotating carousel that holds your Switch cartridges in style. Printables

Thwomp Cartridge Storage

thwomp switch game card case stl file

Add a dash of Mario magic to your collection organization! Just like a Thwomp flattens its foes, this holder keeps your game cards neatly stacked and protected. Thingiverse

Joycon Grip Game Case

Joycon Grip Game Case 3d printed

Enhance your gaming experience! Designed for the ultimate convenience, this Joycon grip features a clever pull-out section for storing your Switch games. MyMiniFactory

Soda Can Game Case

soda can game holder

Quench your gaming thirst with soda can 3D print. Its lower section holds up to 8 Switch games, while the upper part is ready to store whatever your heart desires. Cults3D

Coffee Mug Game Holder

coffee mug game holder

This 3D-printed masterpiece may look like a mug of coffee, but it’s actually a fun way to store a few of your favorite Nintendo Switch game titles. Cults3D

Game Card Fan Holder

switch game card fan holder stl file

The ultimate solution for on-the-go gamers! This innovative organizer unfolds like a Swiss army knife, revealing multiple compartments to neatly store your games. Printables

Switch Game Storage Box

nintendo switch game storage box stl file

Crafted to resemble a sturdy hard case box, this robust 3D-printed design ensures your game collection remains secure and safeguarded. Printables

Bob-omb Switch Game Case

Bob-omb Switch Game Case 3d print

Prepare for an explosive gaming experience. This 3D print doesn’t just hold your Nintendo Switch games; it’s a blast waiting to happen every time you open it! Cults3D

Warp Pipe Carousel

switch game holder warp pipe carousel stl file

This Warp Pipe isn’t just a Nintendo Switch game dispenser—it’s your ticket to an endless adventure Spin the carousel to randomly choose what game you will play! Patreon

Nintendo Switch Game Folder

nintendo switch folder holder

This 3D model is ingeniously designed as a classic Windows folder icon. Simply drag and drop a game from the folder into your Switch and you’re ready to play. Cults3D

Bullet Bill Game Holder

bullet bill switch cartridge case 3d model

This Bullet Bill is 3D design that combines the thrill of your favorite Mario adversary with the practicality you need for storing your Nintendo Switch games. Cults3D

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