50 Life Hacks To 3D Print

50 3D Printed Life Hacks That Actually Work

Unlock ingenuity, one layer at a time! Dive into a world of endless possibilities with our collection of 50 amazing 3D printed life hacks. Within this list, you’re guaranteed to find STL files that will simplify your day-to-day activities.

Transform everyday objects into extraordinary solutions, and make your wildest dreams a tangible reality. This meticulously crafted list serves as your ultimate guide to unlocking the full potential of 3D printing. Prepare to reshape your world with intelligence, innovation, and a sprinkle of magic! See some of these incredible 3D models get printed on my YouTube channel.

Balloon Knot Tying Tool

Balloon Knot Tying Tool

Unlock the magic of effortless balloon tying with this ingenious tool. It’s like having a wizard’s finger at your fingertips. Thingiverse

Shopping Bag Holder

shopping bag holder life hack

Carry all your shopping bags from the car in one trip like a pro. No longer will heavy plastic bags cut through your fingers! Thingiverse

Office Lawn Desk Organizer

Office Lawn Desk Organizer stl file

Designed to mimic a lush lawn, this desk organizer keeps your phone, cables, and essentials standing straight in an 3D printed bed of grass. Makerworld

Drill Dust Collector

drill dust collector life hack

Drill without the mess! This drill dust collector collects debris while your work, keeping your workspace and no need to vacuum or sweep. Thingiverse

Easy Egg Cracker

Easy Egg Cracker

This eggceptional tool cracks eggs with eggcellent precision. Keeps your fingers clean from gooey egg whites. Cults3D

Toothpaste Squeezer

tube toothpaste squeezer

A secret weapon for squeezing every last drop of from the tube! Ensures you can use every last drop of toothpaste! Thingiverse

Finger Chopsticks

3d printed finger chopsticks

This ingenious life hack is a gamer’s secret weapon for eating snacks without getting their controller or mouse dirty! Printables

Phone Amplifier

3d printed phone amplifier

Get yo’ freak on with his groovy amplifier that doubles up as a phone stand. It turns up the volume so you can listen to our favorite tunes. Cults3D

Party Bottle Tray

3d printed beer bottle tray

Elevate your snacking game with this beer bottle food tray, the perfect wingman for your brews. Simply lift the tray for a sip! Cults3D

Strawberry Stem Remover

Strawberry Stem Remover

Say goodbye to pesky strawberry stems! This tool perfectly picks out strawberry stems so you don’t need to eat around them. Cults3D

Can Handle

can handle

Sip up with swagger! This might handle wraps around your favorite beverage can, ensuring a firm grip and no cold hands. Thingiverse

Cabinet Bag Holder

Cabinet Garbage Bag Holder

This garbage bag holder sits on top of your kitchen cabinets. A savvy and easy solution to dispose of food scraps. Cults3D

Corner Cable Holder

3d printed Corner Cable Holder

Stop your cables from bending and twisting and keep them neatly tucked into the corners. Perfect for your office or work workspace. Printables

Car Visor Sunglass Holder

car visor sunglass clip

This nifty sunglass holder is designed to effortlessly cling to your car visor, keeping your shades safe, secure, and always within arm’s reach. Thingiverse

Key Organizer

3d printed key organizer

This single hand key organizer is easy to use and prevents scratching on your phone or wallet. No more poking or key jingling! Printables

Banana Slicer

banana cutter

This slicing sensation effortlessly transforms your bananas into perfectly portioned delights! Evenly cut up a whole banana in seconds! Thingiverse

Wall Outlet Shelf

3d printed wall outlet shelf

This wall outlet shelf is a neat way to save space around your electrical outlets. Perfect to hold your phone while charging. Thingiverse

Desk Cable Tray

3d printed desk cable management

Say goodbye to chaos and reclaim your desk’s zen with this cable management tray. Hook up USB and charging cables while not in use. Cults3D

Controller Mini Wheel

3d printed Controller Steering Wheel

The ultimate gaming accessory that puts you in the driver’s seat of virtual excitement! Turns your analog sticks into a steering wheel. Thingiverse

Lemon Squeezer

Lemon Squeezer hack

Bring out the full potential of citrus fruits! This lemon squeezer extracts every last drop of tangy goodness from your lemons! Cults3D

Car Headrest Bag Hook

3d printed Car Headrest Bag Hook

This bag hook keeps your belongings organized and within reach during every road trip! Ideal for purses, shopping bags or a trash bag. Thingiverse

Bagel Slicer

bagel cutter

Slice the perfect bagel every time! This bagel slicer takes out the hassle of slicing bagels, ensuring even cuts and accidental injuries. Thingiverse

Wrapping Paper Cutter

3d printed wrapping paper cutter

The ultimate companion for Birthday and Christmas gift wrapping! This wrapping paper cutter effortlessly glides with straight cuts every time. Cults3D

Universal Bottle Opener

Universal Bottle Opener

This bottle opener conquers any challenge with ease! Can grip onto any twist top as well as open beer bottles and cans. Thingiverse

Quick Shoe Tie Clip

quick shoe tie clip

Effortlessly tie your shoes in a flash with these shoelace clips! Perfect for kids and adults with disabilities that make tying difficult. Thingiverse

Car Dipping Sauce Holder

3d printed dipping sauce holder

This nugget dipping sauce holder is the much needed companion for saucy delights on car journeys. Clips onto most car fan vents! MyMiniFactory

Wood Center Finder

Wood Center Finder hack

Quickly find and rule the center before you drill. This set includes multiple model sizes suitable for almost any woodworking project. Cults3D

Spray Can Trigger

3d printed spray can trigger

This innovative spray can trigger transforms any spray can into a precise and ergonomic spraying tool. No mess from broken nozzles! Thingiverse

Spaghetti Gauge

pasta gauge

A precise measuring tool that guarantees perfectly portioned spaghetti every time! Takes the guesswork out of determining the serving size. Printables

Tap Water Diverter

3d printed Tap Water Diverter

This water diverter attaches to your existing tap, providing two separate water outlets. The tap runs normally until you plug you finger. Cults3D

SD Card Holder

3d printed sd card holder

This compact and versatile storage solution combines the convenience of an SD card holder with the functionality of a Swiss Army knife!. Thingiverse

Cable Management Hive

3d printed cable management holder

A hive of harmony for your unruly cables! This cable management solution brings order to the chaos of tangled cords and cabls. Cults3D

Orange Peeler

orange peeler

The easiest way to peel oranges and unlock their juicy goodness!. This peeler slices the skin for you to peel off cleanly. Thingiverse

Bed Sheet Clip

3d printed bed sheet clips

Keep you bed sheets in place and yourself snug! These clips are designed to eliminate the frustration of constantly readjusting your sheets. Cults3D

Fork Tongs

3d printed fork tongs

Quickly converts your regular forks into versatile tongs! Perfect for when you don’t have access to tongs but a 3D printer. Printables

Book Page Holder

book page holder hack

This page holder effortlessly spreads open your book, leaving no plot twist unturned! Bookworms can keep one hand free while reading. Cults3D

Battery Dispenser

3d printed battery dispenser

Hassle-free solution for organizing and dispensing your batteries. Keep your batteries. Keep batteries neatly stored and readily accessible. Thingiverse

Shot Dispenser

3d printed shot dispenser

The ultimate party accessory that brings fun and convenience to your favorite beverages. Pour up to 8 shots at once! Cults3D

Chopstick Helper

chopstick helper

The perfect solution for mastering the art of chopsticks with ease! Perfect for beginners or those with limited dexterity. Cults3D

Earbuds Holder

3d printed earbuds holder

Always keep your earbuds tangle-free! This sleek design offers a snug and protective compartment for your earbuds. Thingiverse

Spool Cord Wrap

power cord organizer

Upcycle empty filament spools by turning them into a practical way to organize your power cords. Works with all types of spools! Printables

Egg Separator

yolk remover

Effortless way to separate egg yolks from whites. This innovative design saves time and ensures mess-free results. Thingiverse

Smoke & Lighter Holder

smoke case

Enjoy a smoke or a sesh? Keep everything you need together! Holds 7 smokes inside held in by your lighter slides in place. MyMiniFactory

Finger Shield

finger shield

The ultimate kitchen companion for worry-free chopping and slicing. Keep your fingers protected while you’re working with sharp knives! Thingiverse

Chapstick Keychain

lip balm keychain

Say goodbye to digging through your bag for that elusive lip balm. You’ll never leave it behind when it’s always attached to your keys! Printables

Watering Bottle Cap

water bottle cap

Why go out and buy a watering can when you can upcycle an empty bottle? Nourish your plants while eliminating household waste. Printables

Skewer Whisk

skewer whisk

This is a seriously quick and easy 3D print for when you’re in a pinch. All you need is six skewers and you have yourself a functional whisk. Cults3D

Hand Towel Holder

Towel Holder

The perfect bathroom or kitchen accessory for keeping your hand towels tidy and easily accessible. Quickly dry your hands while hung! Thingiverse

Drill Potato Peeler

drill potato peeler hack

The high-speed solution for peeling potatoes! This attachment is designed to transform your drill into a powerful potato peeling machine. Thingiverse

Desk Organizer

desk organizer

Keep your desk clutter-free and your essentials within reach! Provides a stylish and functional solution for tidying up your workspace. Cults3D

Kitchen Bag Clip

3d printed bag clip

These bag clips are the perfect addition to your pantry! The screw top lets you easily pour from the bag without having to peg or box up again. Cults3D

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