50 Creative Low Poly 3D Models

50 Best Low Poly 3D Models & STL Files To 3D Print​

From the nostalgia of childhood video games to stylish decor, low poly 3D models have made their mark with 3D printing enthusiasts. This article is your ticket to cool, geometric fun with must-print designs ranging from low poly assets for projects to fashionable models for home decoration. The simplicity of low polygons ensures 3D prints are easy and fast to produce, making them ideal for beginners to the hobby.

The distinct aesthetic of a low poly model adds a modern touch to any space, blending well with various interior styles. Whether you’re looking to experiment with new designs or find unique pieces for your living space, these low poly STL files provide a versatile and accessible path to explore your creativity.

Low Poly Vases

Low Poly Vase 3d model

Transform any space with an epic collection of 50 low poly vases. Each piece is a unique blend of geometric beauty and minimalist design, perfect for those who appreciate the elegance of simplicity. Thingiverse

Magnetic Puzzles

3D printed Magnetic Puzzles

This collection of magnetic low poly puzzles offers a satisfying click when pieces snap into place. Craft vibrant puzzles with colored filaments and assemble your favorite animals. Cults3D

Pokemon Collection

3d printed Pokemon Collection

Start your digital Pokemon safari with a captivating collection of 3D printed Pokemon. Each figure features a minimalist design, bringing a unique twist to each character. Gotta catch ’em all, in low poly! 3Demon

Low Poly Dinosaurs

3d printed Low Poly Dinosaurs

Welcome… to Lopolysaur! This collection of 3D printable dinosaurs brings the prehistoric giants to life with a modern twist. Unearth a new way to appreciate these timeless creatures. Cults3D

Low Poly Tree Sculptures

Low Poly Tree 3d model

Add a touch of nature to your space and projects with this low poly tree collection. These STL files allow you to grow a 3D printed forest today and bring some color to your office or home. Thingiverse

Origami Bowl

low poly bowl stl file

Unfold the beauty of minimalist design! Inspired by the ancient art of paper folding, this unique origami bowl STL file combines traditional Japanese art with 3D printing. Cults3D

Deer Wall Hanger

Deer Wall Hanger 3d print

Add a touch of the forest’s calm beauty to your home with this geometric, low poly deer designed in 3D. It’s not just a charming piece of woodland-inspired wall decor; it also keeps your keys organized. Printables

Heart Box

3d printed Heart Box

Capture hearts with 3D printing! This heart-shaped box is perfect for holding gifts, keepsakes, or just to add charm to any room. It’s a special container for your cherished items. Cults3D

Low Poly Chess Set

Low Poly Chess Set stl file

Play chess in style with this cool low poly chess set. Its unique, geometric pieces turn every game into a modern art display. An eye-catching addition to any room, blending fun with a sleek style. Thingiverse

Low Poly Dragon

Low Poly Dragon 3d model

Unleash your imagination with this 3D printed low poly dragon! The articulated 3D model is a masterpiece the brings the fantasy of these mythical creatures to life with its moveable joints. Printables

Low Poly Skull

Low Poly Skull 3d print

Dare to decorate with a 3D print that’s both disturbing and mesmerizing. This low poly skull adds an edgy touch of of artistry to your 3D printed projects or as a conversation starter for your home. Printables

Cat Bed

3d printable cat bed

Give your feline friend a stylish spot to snooze with a fully 3D printable cat bed, complete with adorable ears. Provides a cozy retreat for your cat but also adds a modern touch to your home decor. Cults3D

Fantasy Tabletop Collection

low poly table top characters dungeons and dragons

Perfect for tabletop gamers and hobbyists, these designs add a magical touch to any game night. From mystical creatures to rugged landscapes, each piece is design to inspire stories and adventures. Thingiverse

Front Man Mask

squid game front man mask 3d print

3D print the heart of Squid Games with the iconic Front Man mask, a symbol of mystery and authority. The mask already features a low poly design, making it an excellent addition to this list. Thingiverse

Moe's Low Poly Board Game

Moe's Low Poly Board Game

Revamp your game night with Moe’s Low Poly, a 3D printed board game mod for Monopoly. This STL files collection gives players a new twist on the classic family game for a fresh and engaging experience. MyMiniFactory

Bonsai Planter

Bonsai Planter 3d print

This bonsai inspired planter features several pots for different plants. Perfect for plant lovers, this 3D model is a simple way to bring nature indoors and enjoy a touch of tranquility. Cults3D

Spinning Toy Top

Spinning Toy Top 3d print

Twirl into fun with a 3D printed toy top! A timeless toy, watch it dance and spin in a mesmerizing display of physics and fun. 3D print a whirlwind of fun in the palm of your hand. Printables

Low Poly DeLorean

Low Poly DeLorean car

Take a trip back in time with your very own DeLorean. Perfectly encapsulates the iconic car from the Back to the Future movies. It’s a cool STL file that combines imagination with the power of 3D printing. Sketchfab

Low Poly Heart Vase

Low Poly Heart Vase

Show your love with the a heart-shaped vase, a perfect blend of beauty and affection. Ideal for anniversaries or Valentine’s Day, this low poly vase turns any bouquet into a symbol of love. Thingiverse

Keyboard Keycap

Cherry MX keycap 3d print

Refresh your keyboard with a twist of style! This 3D printed keycap is perfect for replacing broken or missing caps, adding a modern, low poly flair to your setup to add a personal touch. Thingiverse

Low Poly Candle Holder

Low Poly Candle Holder 3d model

Add a modern touch to your cozy evenings with these 3D printed candle holders. Its cool geometric shape makes any room look stylish. Perfect for romantic dinners or just relaxing at home. Thingiverse

Super Saiyan Vegeta

Super Saiyan Vegeta 3d print

Power up your low poly 3D print collection with a Super Saiyan Vegeta figure! This bold, geometric interpretation of the iconic Saiyan prince captures Vegeta perfectly in minimalist style. Cults3D

Running Brontosaurus

Running Brontosaurus

Experience the thrill of the Jurassic era with a twist! This running brontosaurus 3D print isn’t just a statue; it’s an interactive piece that rocks back and forth, bringing the gentle giant to life right before your eyes. Cults3D

Low Poly Lampshade

Low Poly Lampshade 3d model

Light up your room with style with a low poly lampshade. Its neat geometric shapes cast cool shadows, turning any light into a work of art. Perfect for making your room stylish and cozy. Printables

Optimus Prime

Optimus Prime 3d model

Bring a hero to your shelf by 3D printing Optimus Prime! This fun tribute to the leader of the Autobots is a must-have for fans and collectors, or as a gift that captures the beloved character in a low poly detail. Cults3D

Low Poly Planter

Low Poly Planter stl file

Add a modern touch to your green space! This low poly planter will give your plants a stylish home with it’s unique geometric design. A neat 3D model for making your succulents and flowers stand out. Thingiverse

Low Poly Koroks

Low Poly Koroks zelda

Add a touch of adventure to your space with this collection of 3D printed Koroks. These STL files are designed with a charming low poly detail, ready to bring a smile and a hint of mystery to your desk or shelf. Printables

Skyrim Dragon Head

Conquer the skies of your home with the Alduin wall trophy. This majestic 3D print immortalizes the World Eater from Skyrim, bringing the thrill of the chase to your very walls. Cults3D

Low Poly Spiderman

Skyrim Dragon Head

Get your spidey senses tingling with a low poly Spiderman! Crafted with angles sharper than Spidey’s wit, this 3D printed figure is a geometric gem for any Marvel enthusiast. Cults3D

Lemon Squeezer

3d printed Lemon Squeezer

Squeeze the day with this lemon squeezer 3D model. Its unique low poly design isn’t just for looks—it’s built to extract every last drop of juice. A must-have kitchen gadget that turns lemons into lemonade. Cults3D

Low Poly Ring

Low Poly Ring stl file

Step into the future of fashion with this low poly ring model, ready for 3D printing. The STL files collection come in different diameters to fit any finger size. Perfect for tech enthusiast who appreciates wearable art. Printables

Legend of Zelda Rupees

Legend of Zelda Rupees 3d printed

Unlock the treasure of Hyrule with 3D printed rupees! These colorful gems bring a piece of the adventure into your world. Complete your cosplay, decorating your space, or just paying homage to your favorite game. Printables

Astro Boy

Astro Boy 3d print

Jet into nostalgia with 3D printing! This low poly Astro Boy is a modern tribute to the iconic robot hero. A fun 3D print for anyone who loves a mix of old-school charm with a new style. Cults3D

Low Poly Unicorn

Low Poly Unicorn 3d model

Add a touch of 3D printed magic to your projects with a low poly unicorn. Perfect for dreamers, it works great for giving as a gift or keeping for yourself to bring a little enchantment into your day. Thingiverse

Low Poly Fruit & Bowl

Low Poly Fruit & Bowl

This STL file collection includes a sleek bowl, along with an apple, banana, and orange, all designed with an eye-catching low poly design. It’s a perfect mix of modern art and home decor Printables

Piggy Bank

Piggy Bank 3d print

Watch your savings grow in the coolest way possible! Ideal for both kids and adults, this piggy bank isn’t just a way to save money; it’s a decorative piece that adds a touch of low poly art to any space. Printables

Elephant Cutlery Drainer

Elephant Cutlery Drainer stl file

Add a splash of fun to your kitchen with this cute elephant cutlery drainer. The 3D print that not only holds your wet cutlery but also drains the water through its trunk, directly into the sink. Thingiverse


low poly G-Clamp 3d model

Clamp down on your projects in low poly style. This g-clamp 3D model combines practical functionality with a modern, geometric design, making it a standout accessory in any workshop or creative space. Cults3D

Storm Trooper Container

Storm Trooper Container

Embrace the dark side of organization with this 3D printed stormtrooper helmet. The top of the helmet removable, transforming from a sleek piece of decor to a functional storage solution or quirky planter. Thingiverse

Hexagonal Wall Flower Pot

Hexagonal Wall Flower Pot stl file

Modify your walls into a geometric garden. These stylish, modern pots add a splash of greenery in a unique, space-efficient way. Perfect for those who love a minimalist aesthetic. Printables

Low Poly Rose

Low Poly Rose stl file

Keep love blooming forever with these beautiful 3D printed roses. The low poly model features a modern look that won’t wilt, making them a great gift or a unique decoration for your home. Thingiverse

Low Poly Stanford Bunny

Low Poly Stanford Bunny 3d model

This iconic figure, known for its use in 3D graphics tests, is reimagined with a modern, low poly twist. Perfect for tech enthusiasts, designers, and anyone who appreciates the blend of art and technology. Thingiverse

Calibration Cat

Calibration Cat 3d print

Meet the Cali Cat, your charming companion for 3D printing precision. This adorable calibration cat isn’t just cute; it’s designed to help you fine-tune your 3D printer settings for purr-fect prints. Thingiverse

Low Poly Frog

Low Poly Frog stl file

Leap into the world of 3D printing with this charming amphibian. Perfect for enthusiasts of 3D printing and wildlife alike, it brings a touch of the outdoors in, with a stylish, polygonal twist. MyMiniFactory

Heart Keychain

Heart Keychain 3d print

Carry a token of love wherever you go with a 3D printed heart keychain. This charming accessory is a small reminder of affection, perfect for gifting to someone special or keeping as a personal keepsake. Printables

Concrete Pot Mold

3d printed Concrete Pot Mold

Create your own plant pots with the help of 3D printing. Perfect for DIY fans and plant lovers, this cool STL file allows you to easy craft multiple concrete pots from the one 3D print. Cults3D

Low Poly Bulbasaur Planter

Low Poly Bulbasaur Planter 3d model

Grow your own low poly Bulbasaur! Perfect for Pokemon fans with a green thumb, this easy-to-print 3D model adds a touch of adventure to your home plant collection. Thingiverse

Low Poly Watering Can

Low Poly Watering Can

Water your plants with a modern twist using this 3D printed, low poly watering can. Its geometric design makes it a stylish piece for any plant lover. A great 3D model to water both indoor and outdoor plants. Printables

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