50 Awesome 3D Printing Ideas

50 Awesome Things to 3D Print: Ultimate Guide for 2024

Discover how amazing 3D printing can be! We’ve put together a massive collection of awesome things you can print that are both entertaining and useful. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re already a 3D printing pro, you’ll find something inspiring in our list. These projects are designed to be fun and interesting for everyone.

In this amazing list of downloadable STL files, you can print everything from handy gadgets for around the house to stunning artistic models. Our selection of awesome 3D prints is here to spark your imagination and make you even more excited about this hobby. Each 3D model offers a unique opportunity to learn and refine your printing skills, enhancing your journey into the world of 3D printing. Who knew 3D printing could be this awesome?

T-Rex Shower Head

T-Rex Shower Head stl file

Upgrade your shower experience with this 3D printed T-Rex shower head, turning every bath into a thrilling prehistoric adventure. A standout accessory that adds a Jurassic spark to your daily routine. Thingiverse

Gaming Controller Wheel

Gaming Controller Wheel 3d print

Upgrade your gaming experience when you mod your controller with a racing wheel. This awesome STL file converts your regular controller into a realistic steering wheel for an immersive racing simulation. Thingiverse

Cactus Toothpick Holder

Cactus Toothpick Holder 3d print

This toothpick holder is not only functional but also fun! Press down on the cactus and toothpicks are conveniently dispensed. An awesome 3D model to spark conversations with its charming design. Thangs

Extra Large Lego Flowers

lego flowers 3d print

Perfect for Lego enthusiasts who love a blend of nostalgia and nature. These 3D printed flowers will add a pop of color to any Lego lover’s sanctuary and captivate houseguests. Thingiverse

Fully 3D Printed Belt

waist belt 3d print

Step into the future with a seamlessly designed 3D printed belt. This STL file features an articulated, print-in-place structure for immediate wear. No assembly required, put it on straight from the print bed! Printables

Articulated Shark

3d printed Articulated Shark

This sleek great white shark 3D model is designed with movable joints, allowing it to simulate the mesmerizing, fluid movements of one of nature’s most formidable creatures. Cults3D

Keycap Fidget Toy

3d printed Keycap Fidget Toy

Unleash your inner gamer anywhere, anytime with this WSAD fidget toy. Perfect for tactile satisfaction and stress relief, it’s your pocket-sized partner for endless clicking fun. Game on, stress off! Patreon

Combination Safe Box

3d printed safe

Secure your valuables with a twist of innovation with this 3D printed, 3-digit combination lock safe. An awesome 3D model to learn how a combination safe really works. Printables

Nugget Sauce Holder

Nugget Sauce Holder 3d print

Up your nugget game while driving with this awesome dipping sauce holder. Designed for every chicken nugget enthusiast, this clever accessory keeps your sauces within reach. MyMiniFactory

Chicken Park Sign

3d printed Chicken Sign

Add a dash of humor to your garden or coop with this awesome Chicken Park sign. Ideal for chicken and pop culture lovers looking to inject a dose of Jurassic-sized fun into their garden. Printables

Gear Shift Fidget Toy

Gear Shift Fidget Toy stl file

Shift your way to focus and relaxation with this 3D printed fidget toy. Modeled after a car’s gear shifter, this gadget offers the satisfying feel of shifting gears right at your fingertips. Printables

Custom Tool Rack

Custom Tool Rack stl file

Organize your workspace in style when you 3D print your own custom tool rack. This STL file is perfectly suited for hobbyists and DIY enthusiasts seeking a clutter-free environment. Cults3D

Balance Tetris Game​

Balance Tetris Game​ 3d model

Get ready to level up your game night with a Tetris-inspired balance game. A fun 3D printed board game that combines the nostalgia of the classic Tetris puzzle with the physical challenge of a balance game. Printables

Universal Can Press

Universal Can Press 3d print

Crush your way to eco-friendliness when you 3D print a can crusher for a compact solution to reduce waste. Simply pop a can inside and use your foot to smash it, making recycling more satisfying. Printables

Cat Taco Stand

3d printed Cat Taco Stand

A combination of your love for cats and Mexican cuisine. This 3D printed cat holds your tacos in style for an awesome addition for taco nights, parties, or any occasion that calls for a little extra cuteness. Printables

Octopus Beer Pong Funnel

Octopus Beer Pong Funnel 3d model

Quickly get the beer pong match started with this 3D printed assistant. Guaranteed to impress houseguests, watch in amazement as each tentacle fills the cups evenly and all at once. Thangs

Hand Crank Generator​

3d printed Hand Crank Generator​

Get ready to spark some excitement with this incredible hand crank generator. A great 3D printing idea for educators, hobbyists, or anyone fascinated by the mechanics of energy. Printables

Charmander Flamethrower

Charmander Flamethrower 3d model

Bring the iconic fire Pokemon to life like never before with his awesome fire-breathing Charmander. This STL file utilizes aquarium airline tubing and lighter gas to mimic Charmander’s signature move. Cults3D

Drill Guide & Dust Collector

3d printed drill guide dust collector

Master your DIY projects with this drill guide 3D model, designed for dual purposes: precision and cleanliness. Achieve perfectly straight holes every time, without any mess! Thingiverse

Spinning Spaghetti Fork

Spinning Spaghetti Fork

Revolutionize your pasta eating with the this awesome spaghetti fork, designed for effortless twirling. Perfect for gadget lovers, this no-mess tool promises enjoyable meals and impresses at any dinner. Thingiverse

Avocado Seed Sprouter

Avocado Seed Sprouter 3d print

With its playful avocado shape, this 3D printed seed sprouter not only efficiently supports the germination process, but also doubles as a quirky piece of decor for your kitchen or windowsill. Cults3D

Triaxial Numechron Clock

Triaxial Numechron Clock

The triaxial numechron clock makes timekeeping a mesmerizing spectacle! This STL file features a clock with a three-axis display, offering a unique experience that captivates and intrigues. Thingiverse

Playing Card Shuffler​

Playing Card Shuffler​ 3d print

This mechanical 3D print takes the hassle out of shuffling, ensuring a fair and thorough mix with the crank of a handle. The perfect STL file to piece together for your next game night. Printables

Egg Cracker

Egg Cracker 3d model

Enjoy clean and easy egg cracking! This gadget provides a mess-free solution, ensuring shell-free dishes with a simple press. An awesome 3D print for those seeking convenience and innovation. Cults3D

Impossible Table

Impossible Table 3d print

This fascinating 3D printed table presents an architectural optical illusion. Held up by only string, it seemingly defying the laws of physics by appearing to balance impossibly in the air. Thingiverse

Mini Planter Chess Set

Mini Planter Chess Set stl files

Transform your chess matches with this eco-friendly chess set. Each piece serves as a tiny planter for small plants or succulents that turns every game into a growing, green experience. MyMiniFactory

Hugging Cat Coaster

Hugging Cat Coaster 3d model

The the purr-fect addition to your tabletop! This cat coaster doesn’t just protect your surfaces—it wraps your cup or mug in a cozy embrace, much like a cat curling up for a nap. Cults3D

Fidget Twist Can Holder

Fidget Twist Can Holder

Enjoy your beverage with a twist! This unique can holder, perfect for multitaskers, combines functionality with fun. Ideal for 3D printing enthusiasts looking to add an innovative accessory to their workspace. Cults3D

Rocket Corn Holder

Launch your corn on the cob experience to new heights with a set of 3D printed rocket corn holders. Perfect for space enthusiasts and grill masters alike, adding a cosmic twist to every bite. Pinshape

Filament Spool Shelves

Filament Spool Shelves stl file

Never have to fumble through a stack of filament spools again! These shelves keep your filaments organized and easily accessible, streamlining your printing projects with practicality. MakerWorld

Rocket Garden Sprinkler

Rocket Garden Sprinkler 3d model

Transform watering your garden with this awesome 3D print that combines efficiency with fun. Its rocket design ensures even coverage and entertains as it spins, making gardening a blast. Cults3D

Dragon Head Door Knocker

3d printed dragon door knocker

Add a mythical touch to your door with this awesome dragon head door knocker. A unique print that combines fantasy with function, offering an eye-catching welcome to visitors. Cults3D

Bagel Guillotine​

3d printed Bagel Guillotine​

Slice your way to bagel bliss with the this bagel guillotine, a useful 3D printed kitchen gadget designed for the ultimate in safety and precision. Say goodbye to uneven cuts and say hello to perfectly halved bagels. Thingiverse

Text Salt & Pepper Shakers

text salt and pepper shakers 3d print

Shake up your seasoning with a playful twist! These 3D printed salt and pepper shakers cleverly hide their identities on the bottom. Easy to print with no supports needed. Cults3D

Dragon Egg Dice Box​

Dragon Egg Dice Box​ 3d model

Bring the magic to your next tabletop game night with a dragon dice egg holder. This 3D print not only serves as a stunning tabletop accessory but also as a functional piece for avid gamers. Printables

Mechanical Phone Stand​

Mechanical Phone Stand​ stl file

This 3D printed phone stand is not just a place to rest your device; it’s engineered with a clever quick grab-and-release mechanism that allows you to securely dock or retrieve your smartphone. Thingiverse

Modular Beehive

Modular Beehive stl file

Introduce sustainable beekeeping into your garden with a 3D printed beehive. Designed for eco-conscious enthusiasts, this hive supports bee populations while offering a modern twist on beekeeping. HexHives

Spice Rack Pullout

3d printed Spice Rack Pullout

Designed to maximize space and accessibility, this innovative 3D print keeps your spices neatly arranged within a convenient a pullout rack to be placed into your kitchen cabinets. Printables

Bottle Food Tray

Bottle Food Tray 3d model

This easy-to-print accessory is designed to rest over your beer bottle in-between sips. It’s perfect for holding snacks and treats during social gatherings or relaxing evenings at home. Cults3D

Battery Dispenser Box

3d printed Battery Dispenser Box

Streamline your storage with 3D printed battery dispenser boxes, designed to neatly organize and pass out batteries. A practical and sleek solution ensuring you always have power within reach. Thingiverse

Fully 3D Printed Tie

neck tie 3d model

A modern twist on classic attire. This awesome 3D printed tie stands out in any setting, blending cutting-edge technology with fashion. Perfect for making a statement at events or in the workplace. Printables

Pasta Press

3d printed Pasta Press

Indulge in homemade delights with a pasta press designed for crafting dumplings. This kitchen gadget simplifies making pasta, allowing you to create delicious, uniform dumplings with ease. Printables

Hand Crank Air Raid Siren

Hand Crank Air Raid Siren 3d model

Send out the alert this hand crank air raid siren, a 3D printed device that’s Ideal for emergencies or simulations. It provides a loud siren sound for educational demonstrations or emergencies. Thingiverse

Rolling Toothbrush Squeezer

Rolling Toothbrush Squeezer 3d print

Maximize toothpaste use with a 3D printed gadget designed to effortlessly squeeze every last drop. Perfect for reducing waste and saving money, this awesome 3D model is a must-have in every bathroom. Thingiverse

Nintendo Switch Wall Mount

Nintendo Switch Wall Mount 3d print

An awesome Nintendo Switch wall mount designed in the iconic theme of a Super Mario Bros level. This STL file pack secures your Nintendo Switch dock and controllers with a nostalgic touch. Cults3D

Cable Port Trash Can

Cable Port Trash Can stl file

This clever 3D print turns any unused table port into a discreet trashcan for your desk. A stylish and practical solution for disposing of trash without the need to get out of your chair. Thangs

Coffee & Book Rest

Coffee & Book Rest 3d model

Sip and flip in style with this coaster and book rest 3D model. Designed for readers and coffee lovers alike, this duel-purpose accessory is the perfect companion for cozy moments relaxing. Thangs

Switch Game Display Stand

3d printed Switch Game Display Stand

Showcase your gaming collection with a cartridge display stand that’s capable of holding up to 24 games. This 3D printed model keeps your favorites organized and easily accessible. Printables

Fruit Grabber

Fruit Grabber 3d print

Easily harvest high hanging fruit with ease using this awesome 3D printed life hack. This 3D model ensures a safe and efficient picking process, perfect for picking lemons and apples. Cults3D

Flexure Joystick

Flexure Joystick

Transform your gaming experience with a 3D printed attachment that converts an Xbox controller into a HOTAS. This STL file offers gamers a thrilling, immersive way to pilot their favorite aircrafts. Thingiverse

Dragon Dance Wind Spinner

Dragon Dance Wind Spinner

An enchanting 3D print that captures the elegance and mystique of dragons in motion. This captivating 3d model dances with the wind, bringing a magical and dynamic element to your garden or deck. Cults3D

Broom Clip​

3d printed Broom Clip​

These 3D printed broom clips offer a convenient solution for keeping your cleaning tools organized. Its simple yet effective design ensures your broom is always where you need it. Printables

Psyduck Watering Pot

Psyduck Watering Pot

Make your plants happily confused with this Psyduck watering can! The perfect 3D print for Pokemon fans and green thumbs, it turns every watering into a quirky adventure. Cults3D

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