50 Cool 3D Printing Ideas

50 Cool Things to 3D Print​: Best 3D Models & STL Files

In this article, we’re excited to share a collection of cool things to 3D prints that are both creative and useful. With 3D printing becoming more widely available, lots of people, from hobbyists to experts, are discovering how it can turn their creative ideas into reality. 3D printing is great for making things that are practical or just for fun, offering a unique way to be creative.

We’ve put together a list of the coolest 3D prints to inspire makers at every skill level. These STL files demonstrate how interesting and flexible 3D printing can be, allowing you to create anything from functional household items to intricate designs. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re already experienced, these cool 3D models are meant to ignite your imagination and maybe even deepen your interest in 3D printing.

Grass Desk Organizer

Grass Desk Organizer 3d print

Bring a touch of greenery to your workspace while keeping cables and gadgets in check. This clever STL file is designed to mimic a small patch of grass, providing a cool way to organizer desk clutter. MakerWorld

Phone Trigger Buttons

diy Phone Trigger Buttons 3d model

Enhance your mobile gaming experience with a DIY phone trigger buttons. This clever 3D printing life hack will give you a competitive edge in fast-paced games like PUBG. Thingiverse

Middle Finger Planter

Middle Finger Planter 3d print

This isn’t your average pot; it comes to life with arms, legs, and a beaming smile, all while cheekily giving the finger. Perfect for those who enjoy a bit of humor mixed in with their gardening. Cults3D

Slim Credit Card Wallet

Slim Credit Card Wallet stl file

Slide into sleekness with a 3D printable wallet for your credit cards. This slim wallet stands out with its unique ejection feature, allowing you to access your cards with a simple push for ease of use. Thingiverse

Infill Jenga

Infill Jenga

Infill Jenga is where the classic strategy meets the vibe of 3D printing. This unique version features blocks with all your favorite infill patterns, challenging players to navigate a new layer of strategy. Cults3D

3D Printed Basketball

3d printed bastket ball stl file

This innovative 3D printed basketball defies punctures and deflation. Perfect for hardcore play or casual shootarounds, it’s the future of basketball you can print right before your eyes. MakerWorld

Mushroom Wall Shelf

Mushroom Wall Shelf 3d model

These 3D printed mushroom shelves offer an attractive storage solution, perfect for displaying your favorite books, plants and cool stuff. Each shelf is meticulously designed to resemble a charming fungi. Cults3D

Simpsons Sponge Holder

3d printed Simpsons Sponge Holder

Bring the iconic Simpsons meme to life in your kitchen with this cleverly designed 3D model. It captures the memorable scene of Homer disappearing into the bushes, cleverly reimagined as a sponge holder. Cults3D

Hanging Dragon Planter

Hanging Dragon Planter stl file

Transform your wall into a mythical garden with a 3D printed dragon planter. This enchanting design features the majestic head of a dragon, cradling an egg that doubles as a planter. MyMiniFactory

Spongebob Sponge Holder

spongeobob squarepants sponge holder 3d print

Shaped like everyone’s favorite sea-dwelling sponge, this SpongeBob sponge holder adds a splash of fun to your sink. Perfect for fans and those who love a bit of joy in their chores to soak up the fun. Cults3D

Low Poly Pokemon Collection

Low Poly Pokemon Collection

Perfect for 3D printing enthusiasts and Pokemon fans, these cool STL files feature a huge collection of Pokemon redesigned in low poly art. Optimized for printing so you can easily print em’ all. 3Demon

12-Hole Playable Ocarina

12-Hole Ocarina 3d model

Become a legendary hero with this playable ocarina inspired by the Legend of Zelda. This musical 3D print is more than just an instrument—it’s a call to adventure for Nintendo fans. Printables

Sliding Can Dispenser

Sliding Can Dispenser 3d print

Slide into sleek organization with a 3D printed can dispenser for the fridge. Maximize space and minimize clutter, this innovative accessory transforms your refrigerator into a haven of convenience. Cults3D

Flexible Crystal Dragon

Flexible Crystal Dragon 3d model

This beautiful dragon features a crystal-like design that bends and twists, mimicking the movements of the fantasy creature. The perfect model to add to your 3D printed fidget toy collection. Cults3D

One Piece Blaster

print in place One Piece Blaster​ 3d model

Engineered for instant action, this 3D printed blaster is ready to fire straight off the print bed. The 3D model is one piece with no assembly required. Aim, print, blast off! Printables

Batman Money Clip

batman money clip 3d model

Guard your Gotham gold with the Batman money clip! Crafted for fans of the Dark Knight, this sleek accessory is perfect for stylish superheroes looking to stash their cash with a touch of Gotham mystery. Cults3D

Parrot's Beak Coat Rack

Parrot's Beak Coat Rack 3d print

This coat rack, with its cleverly designed parrot beaks, offers a playful twist on traditional home storage. The 3D model bites onto your clothes, securely hanging them with a touch of the tropical. Cults3D

Bee Feeder

3d printed bee feeder

This friendly feeder attracts bees with its natural honeycomb design, offering them nourishment and energy. An essential 3D print for anyone keen on aiding their hard-working pollinators. Printables

Phone Sound Amplifier

Phone Sound Amplifier 3d model

Amplify your device’s sound without the need for power with this sleek STL file. The perfect 3D print for amplifying music, podcasts, or calls, providing a richer audio experience. Cults3D

Puzzle Gift Box​

3d printed Puzzle Gift Box​

This is no ordinary box; it’s a brain-teasing puzzle that adds a thrilling twist to the gifting experience. The coolest way to present a gift that adds an extra layer of excitement to the unwrapping experience. Cults3D

Sandcastle Making Kit

Sandcastle Making Kit stl file

This cool STL file collection transforms ordinary sandcastle building into an art form, allowing for precision and creativity that goes beyond the traditional bucket and spade. Cults3D

Knife Block

Knife Block 3d model

Defend your kitchen’s honor with this cool knife block, designed as a fearless man holding a sword and shield. This unique holder transforms your knife storage into a scene from an epic battle. Thingiverse

Shot Glass Spinner Game

3d printed shot glass spinner game

Take a whirl on the wild side with the shot glass spinning game! Where the arrow lands, the shot stands. Gather your friends, test your luck, and get the party started with this 3D printed drinking game. Thingiverse

Super Mario Fridge Magnets

Super Mario Fridge Magnets 3d print

This magnet set is a playful tribute to the classic video game. Brings the iconic Super Mario Bros level to life, allowing you to create your own Mushroom Kingdom right on your fridge or any magnetic surface. Cults3D

Shoe Organizer

3d printed Shoe Organizer

A cool 3D printed shoe organizer that maximizes closet or entryway space by vertically organizing your footwear. Frees up precious floor space while keeping your shoes in pristine condition. Thingiverse

Switch Game Carousel

Switch Game Carousel

This spinning Nintendo Switch game card holder is a clever and stylish way to store your favorite games. With a gentle push, the carousel spins, allowing you to easily browse and select your next game. Printables

Bottle Opener Shooter

Bottle Opener Shooter

Get ready to pop caps and shoot targets with a cool 3D printed party trick for those who love to entertain. Not only does this STL file open drinks, it also turns the cap into a projectile. Thingiverse

Elastic Band Gun

Elastic Band Gun

Unleash your playful side with this rubber band gun 3D model, a cool and modern take on a classic toy. Perfect for casual office fun or an entertaining afternoon with friends and family. Cults3D

Modular Multiboard

Modular Multiboard stl files

Transform your workshop with a highly customizable multiboard. This modular system adapts to your needs, allowing you to configure hooks, shelves, and holders exactly as you need them. Multiboard

Snack Chopsticks

3d printed Snack Chopsticks

Say goodbye to greasy fingers with these cool snack chopsticks. Perfect for the modern muncher, these chopsticks are designed to transform your snack time into a clean experience. Printables

Pistachio Squirrel Container

Pistachio Squirrel Container stl file

This clever design features a delightful squirrel that cleverly disposes your pistachios shells. Feed the empty shells in the squirrel’s mouth and they’ll be neatly collected in a hidden bottom container. Cults3D

Grocery Bag Holder

Grocery Bag Holder stl file

Streamline your grocery runs with a 3D printed shopping bag holder, the ultimate solution for managing multiple bags. This easy-to-print 3D model allows you to carry several bags at once comfortably. Thingiverse

Secret Stash Shelf

Secret Stash Shelf 3d model

The ultimate hideaway – a secret shelf designed to blend seamlessly while safeguarding your most cherished possessions. A clever STL file to hide valuables and special keepsakes. Cults3D

Self-Watering Planter

3d printed Self-Watering Planter

Green thumbs rejoice with this 3D printed self-watering planter. This model features a reservoir system that ensures your plants receive the perfect amount of water at all times. Cults3D

Collapsing Middle Finger

Collapsing Middle Finger 3d model

Express your feelings in a cheeky way with this cool 3D printed hand with a collapsible middle finger. A hilarious novelty gadget that’s perfect for those moments when words just aren’t enough. Cults3D

D20 Dice Box

magnetic D20 Dice Box 3d model

Roll into your next gaming session in style with a D20 dice box. This cool 3D model features a magnetic closure system to ensure that your treasures remain safe and sound until the next epic roll. Printables

Shots Dispenser

Shots Dispenser 3d model

This cool 3D printed shot dispenser is capable of pouring six drinks simultaneously. Perfect for those who love to entertain and want to streamline their drink-serving process. Thingiverse

Digital Sundial

Digital Sundial stl file

This digital sundial is a mixture of ancient timekeeping and modern technology. Offers a unique way to tell time while adding a striking aesthetic to any garden or balcony. Thingiverse

Zen Garden

3d printed Zen Garden

Ideal for desk-tops or small indoor areas, this zen garden invites you to turn any space into a peaceful sanctuary. Complete with a planter and charming 3D printable accessories. Printables

Spinning Fidget Ring

Spinning Fidget Ring 3d model

This stylish ring doubles up as a stress-releasing fidget toy. A cool 3D model that’s customizable for a discreet way to relieve stress while in a long meeting or studying. Thingiverse

Bulbasaur Planter

Bulbasaur Planter 3d model

Grow your own Pokemon with this Bulbasaur planter, a must-have for fans who like to garden. Bulbasaur makes a charming home for your favorite plants, succulents or to be used as a bowl for cool stuff. Printables

Mini Warehouse Shelves

Mini Warehouse Shelves 3D print

Organize your desk with flair when you turn it into a miniature warehouse. Designed to mimic industrial charm, these tiny shelves are perfect for stationery, trinkets, or just for show. Printables

Squeeze Hand Fan

Squeeze Hand Fan stl file

Beat the heat wherever you go with a squeeze hand fan! Its activated by a simple squeeze, which is perfect for hot summer days when you need a quick breeze without the hassle of batteries or charging. Printables

Flexible Slug

3d printed Flexible Slug

Meet your new intriguing desk companion: an articulated slug, brought to life through 3D printing. This cool creation boasts a series of interlocking segments, allowing it to mimic the movements of a real slug. Printables

Rope Wine Holder

3d printed Rope Wine Holder

Elevate your wine display with this stylish bottle holder, a 3D printed masterpiece that defies gravity. This 3D model gives the illusion that a single rope is effortlessly suspending your wine bottle in mid-air. Cults3D

Outlet Shelf Wall Holder

Outlet Shelf Wall Holder stl file

This innovative shelf creates an extra storage space out of thin air, perfect for holding your phone, smart home devices, or any small items that need a home off the ground. Cults3D

Denture Bit Holder

Denture Bit Holder 3d print

Sink your screws into something smile-worthy! This cool denture bit holder uses a set of faux teeth to keep your bits in line. Perfect for the handyman with a sense of humor. Hold your bits with a grin! Thingiverse

Collapsible Sword

3d printed collapseible sword

Embark on epic adventures with your very own 3D printed sword. It’s collapsible design makes it easy for storage and swift expansion. The ultimate accessory for your next cosplay! Thangs

Piranha Plant Scissors

Piranha Plant Scissors fab365

These fun extendable scissors are styled after the iconic Piranha Plant from Super Mario. A cool 3D print for picking up items just out of reach or for attacking Italian plumbers. Fab365

Micro Catapult

3d printed Micro Catapult

Launch into fun with your very own micro catapult, a pint-sized powerhouse designed to deliver desk-sized entertainment. Fling paper balls, small candies, or any lightweight office ammunition you can find. Thingiverse

Dragon Hands

Dragon Hands stl file

Embrace your inner beast with these 3D printed dragon claws. Each claw slips over your fingers, instantly transforming your hands into powerful powerful claws of fantasy. Cults3D

Can Handle

3d printed Can Handle

This 3D printed can handle, is a clever accessory that transforms any standard drink can into a mug-like grip. Perfect for those who wish to keep their hands dry and warm while enjoying a cold drink. Thingiverse

Phone Tripod

Phone Tripod 3d print

Capture the perfect shot every time with this 3D printed phone tripod, a must-have accessory for photographers, vloggers, and anyone looking to elevate their photography game. Cults3D

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