50 Fun 3D Printed Fidget Toys

50 Best 3D Printed Fidget Toys & Spinners​ for 2024

In the ever-evolving world of stress relief and sensory stimulation, the emergence of 3D printed fidget toys and spinners has captured the internet’s attention, especially on viral video platforms like TikTok. These innovative gadgets, known for their mesmerizing movements and soothing sensory input, appeal to a wide range of users seeking relaxation and focus. 3D printing technology has revolutionized the way we think about fidget toys, enabling enthusiasts and hobbyists to design and share their personalized creations.

The fascination of 3D printed fidget toys and spinners comes from their ability to be customized to an individuals preferences and needs, making them a popular choice among both children and adults. Whether it’s for alleviating anxiety, improving concentration, or simply providing a momentary distraction, the STL files and 3D models featured in this article are designed to satisfy any fidgeting requirement.

Push Pin Fidget Toy

Push Pin Fidget Toy stl file

This delightful 3D print brings the classic desktop push-pin toy right to your fingertips. Relieve stress and keep your hands busy by creating countless patterns and shapes. Printables

Gravity Knife

Gravity Knife 3d print

This unique fidget toy mimics the mechanism of a gravity knife but in a completely safe and non-threatening way. Enjoy the perfect blend of utility and entertainment with its cool mechanical action. Printables

Finger Slinger

Finger Slinger

A print-in-place 3D model designed to captivate your fingers. The Finger Slinger fidget toy combines the thrill of slinging action with the satisfaction of tactile engagement. Printables

Bolt Action Fidget Toy

tik tok Bolt Action Fidget Toy

Get your hands on the latest viral TikTok sensation with this bolt action fidget toy. Engage your fingers with its satisfying bolt-action mechanism, designed to keep them busy and your mind focused. Printables

Manual Gear Shift Fidget

Manual Gear Shift Fidget

This STL file replicates the feel of a car’s shifting gears, offering a uniquely satisfying experience for both gearheads and fidgeters. Perfect for those who appreciate the mechanical beauty of automobiles. Printables

Fidget Switch

toggle Fidget Switch 3d model

This compact device mimics the satisfying feel of flipping a toggle switch, providing an immediate outlet for stress relief and concentration. The perfect 3D print for a quick fidget fix. Printables

Helical Gear Fidget Toy

Helical Gear 3d model

This fascinating toy features interlocking helical gears that smoothly rotate and slide past each other, providing a visually captivating and satisfyingly experience at your fingertips. Printables

Clicky Macaron Spinner

Clicky Macaron Spinner 3d print

Indulge in the sweet satisfaction of a 3D printed macaron spinner. This STL files combines the charm of a French macaron with the addictive pleasure of clicking and spinning. Printables

Mechanical Keyboard Fidget

Mechanical Keyboard Fidget wasd

Enjoy the sensation of gaming anytime, anywhere while on the go. This WASD fidget toy offers the familiar comfort of your keyboard in a portable, fun-sized form. Patreon

Chain Link Fidget

Chain Link Fidget

This print-in-place 3D model is designed to provide a fluid, satisfying chain-like motion right off the print bed, with no assembly required. Twist, turn, and fold the toy into various shapes and configurations. Printables

Butterfly Knife Fidget Toy

3d printed Butterfly Knife Fidget Toy

Master the art of flipping without the risk with this 3D printable butterfly knife, a safe and version of the classic balisong. Mimics the weight and feel of a real butterfly knife once additional nuts are inserted. Thingiverse

Finger Treadmill

Finger Treadmill

Keep your fingers fit and cramp-free! A playful yet practical solution for keeping your hands limber and stress-free. Glide your fingers across its miniature belt for a satisfying fidget experience. Patreon

Jellyfish Fidget Keychain

Jellyfish Fidget Keychain 3d model

A unique STL file that brings the mesmerizing movements of a jellyfish to your fingertips. Designed with interactive tentacles that can be pushed in and out of its body, this model also doubles up as a keychain. Cults3D

Fidget Spinner Ring

3d printed Fidget ring spinner

This sleek 3D printed fidget spinner ring is the ultimate accessory for fidgeters. An elegant ring that smoothly spins, providing a discreet and stylish way to keep your fingers occupied. Thingiverse

Fidget Cube

Fidget Cube stl file

This 3D printed fidget cube is designed with eight cubes that can be infinitely folded over each other, offering a fascinating way to keep your mind engaged with its limitless possibilities. Cults3D

Hexagon Superfidget

Hexagon Superfidget toy

Engage in endless fascination with this 3D printed design that boasts 35 segments. Perfect for those captivated by the complexity of patterns and seeking a way to soothe anxiety or sharpen focus. Printables

Fidget Square

Fidget Square triangle

Discover the geometric wonder of this 3D print that seamlessly transitions from a perfect square into an equilateral triangle. An innovative fidget toy with its smooth, satisfying transformations. Printables

Fidget Star

Fidget Star stl file

This 3D printed masterpiece is designed to mesmerize and relax. A unique fidget toy with star fractal design that captivates as it twists and turns, revealing new patterns and depths with every movement. Printables

Fidget Nunchucks

3d printed Nunchucks fidget toy

Uncover your inner martial artist with these mini nunchucks, a creative take on classic stress relief toys. Linked by a flexible chain, they enable smooth movement and offer numerous tricks to learn. Patreon

Magnetic Sliding Fidget

Magnetic Sliding Fidget

A captivating fidget toy that uses the power of magnets to create a smooth, gliding action that’s both soothing and addictive. This STL file pack features 9 different sizes to cater to every hand size. Printables

Ratchet Fidget

Ratchet Fidget toy 3d print

This ratchet fidget toy incorporates a ratcheting mechanism that provides a satisfying click with each movement. Enjoy endless clicking, twisting, and turning with this 3D model. Printables

Fidget Spring Gear

Fidget Spring Gear stl file

This unique gear system combines the satisfying rotation of interlocking gears with a spring that resets the switch. This print-in-place model is not only fun to fidget with, but can also be used as a test print. Cults3D

Hovering Exclamation Point

Spinner Hovering Exclamation Point 3d print

Transforms your desk into a dynamic display of floating curiosity. This unique spinning toy creates an exclamation point that seemingly defies gravity, rotating and hovering in place with a simple flick. MakerWorld

Articulated Fidget Snake

Articulated Fidget Snake 3d model

A captivating 3D model that’s slithering its way into the hearts of fidgeters everywhere. This articulated 3D printed snake features a series of interlocking segments, allowing it to move and flex in a lifelike manner. Printables

Fidget Clicking Wheel

Fidget Clicking Wheel

A small 3D printed gadget will capture the attention of click enthusiasts everywhere. This fidget toy features a smooth, rotating wheel providing a satisfying clicking sensation with every press and turn. Printables

Fidget Twist Cup Holder

Fidget Twist Cup Holder

This revolutionary STL file transforms the everyday cup holder into an engaging fidget toy. Watch as the spiral can coozie elegantly spins to fit into a snug mug-shaped drink holder. Cults3D

3D Printable Fidget Spinner

fully 3d printed fidget spinner stl file

A revolutionary fully 3D printable fidget spinner that requires no bearings, designed for effortless printing and immediate play. This cutting-edge design eliminates the need for traditional metal bearings. Thingiverse

Cassette Keychain Fidget

Cassette Keychain Fidget 3d print

A nostalgic nod to the classic cassette tape, ingeniously redesigned for the modern fidgeter. Clip it onto your keys or bag for a portable piece of nostalgia that’s always ready to entertain your fingertips. Thingiverse

Fidget Coaster

Fidget Coaster stl file

This 3D print is not just a coaster to protect your surfaces, it’s also an engaging fidget toy! Features interlocking gears in a ring formation that invites you to spin and twirl it, providing a satisfying experience between sips. Cults3D

Star Fidget Spinners

3d printed Star Fidget Spinner

This STL file pack of six star-shaped fidget spinners is a stellar addition to your collection of focus tools. It utilizes nuts and ball bearings as counterweights to ensure a long and satisfying spin. Cults3D

Tiny Fidget Toy

Tiny Fidget Toy 3d print

This tiny fidget toy is the ultimate portable stress relief designed to easily clip onto your keychain. Remarkably, it can be 3D printed in just a few minutes and utilizes a mere 1 gram of filament. Printables

Pop It Fidget Toy

bubble Pop It Fidget Toy 3d print

Enjoy endless popping with a 3D printable bubble fidget toy designed to be printed with TPU. These 3D models offer a satisfying way to relieve stress and sensory play, perfect for keeping focus or unwinding. CGTrader

Infinity Gear Fidget Toy

3d printed Infinity Gear Fidget Toy

This captivating toy features interconnected gears that rotate in a seamless, infinite loop, providing mesmerizing rotations. A work of art that celebrates the beauty of engineering and design. Cults3D

Multi-Color Fidget Star

Multi-Color Fidget Star

Witness the transformation of this 3D printed box that magically unfolds to form a stellated rhombic dodecahedron. A fascinating fidget toy that offers both an engaging and visual experience. Cults3D

Click It Fidget Toy

Click It Fidget Toy 3d print

These click it fidgets cater to all your clicking needs! Whether you prefer the simplicity of a single button or the endless possibilities of a 100-button grid, this collection of 3D models offers a variety of options. Cults3D

Fidget Nozzle

Fidget Nozzle

The ultimate fidget toy for 3D printing enthusiasts and designers. Push filament in and out of the nozzle to create a satisfying sensation for those who love to tinker. Patreon

Fidget Soda Cup

Fidget Soda Cup stl file

This cute 3D print mimics the look of a refreshing soda cup, complete with rattling ice cubes inside. But the fun doesn’t stop there – it also features a fidget straw, adding an extra layer of interactive play. Patreon

Clicky Oreo Spinner

3d printed oreo spinner

A delicious twist on the classic fidget spinner. This 3D model is inspired by everyone’s favorite cookie, the Oreo, and is engineered to provide an irresistibly clicky spinning experience. MakerWorld

Twisty Fidget Toy

Twisty Fidget Toy 3d print

Prepare to be captivated as you twist, spin, and glide! This sleek, 3D-printed fidget toy, with its mesmerizing spiral design, allows nuts to move smoothly, making it a perfect addition to your stress-relief arsenal. Cults3D

Rotary Fidget Toy

mazda Rotary Fidget Toy

This fidget toy is a unique tribute to the legendary Mazda rotary engine. The motion of this 3D model mimics the engine’s operation, providing a smooth, satisfying rotation. Printables

Stretchy Fidgets

3d printed Stretchy Fidgets

These fully print-in-place fidgets come in a choice of three distinct shapes: a circle, a triangle, and a square. Each model is engineered to provide a uniquely satisfying squish and squeeze experience. Cults3D

Articulated Fidget Worms

Articulated Fidget Worms

Get ready to squirm with delight with fidget worms! These articulated worms wiggle and squirm in the most satisfying way. They also come with their own adorable storage solution – an apple! Thingiverse

Merged Gear Fidget Toy

Merged Gear Fidget Toy

A mesmerizing 3D print for any fidget enthusiast’s collection, merging the calming pleasure of helical gears’ turning mechanics. Ideal for anyone seeking a compact item to keep their fingers busy. Thingiverse

Flower Fidget

Flower Fidget 3d model

A masterpiece of design that blooms in the palm of your hand! This captivating fidget toy incorporates the hypnotic patterns of fractals into a flower-like shape that invites endless exploration and interaction. Cults3D

Joystick Fidget Toy

Joystick Fidget Toy

This compact 3D model features a realistic joystick stick, similar to those found on gaming controllers, mounted on a spring for satisfying and multidirectional movement. Cults3D

Fidget Filament Spool

3d printer Fidget Filament Spool

The ultimate fidget gadget for tinkerers and makers! This tiny fidget toy takes inspiration from the familiar form of 3D printing filament spools with a clicking mechanism on its side. Cults3D

Gyroscope Fidget Toy

3d printed Gyroscope Fidget Toy

A blend of fun and physics in one compact design. Perfect for curious minds, this 3D printable fidget toy demonstrates gyroscopic principles through its smooth, independent ring rotations. Printables

Triforce Fidget Spinner

3d printed Triforce Fidget Spinner

Unleash the legend with the Triforce fidget spinner, cleverly designed for quadruple the spinning action! The iconic Legend of Zelda symbol is also capable of spinning on its outer bearings. Thingiverse

Roller Fidget Toy

3d printed Roller Fidget Toy

This fidget toy features a smooth, rolling mechanism that glides effortlessly under your fingers, providing an endless source of tactile engagement. A satisfying way to release energy or reduce stress. Cults3D

Punching Bag Desk Toy

Punching Bag Desk Toy

Step into the ring of your workday with this fun 3D printed desktop accessory. It transforms mundane office hours into an engaging, stress-relieving boxing workout designed for your fingertips. Printables

Herringbone Planetary Gear

3d printed Herringbone Planetary Gear

This 3D printed gadget incorporates the intricate design of herringbone gears. Perfect for fidgeters, engineers, and anyone fascinated by mechanical movements. Printables

Articulated Snowflake

Articulated Snowflake 3d print

Experience the enchantment of winter with a unique 3D print for sensory delight. This beautiful creation features an articulated pattern resembling the delicate structure of a snowflake. Cults3D

Gear Fidget Toy Collection

3d printed Gear Fidget Toy Collection

The ultimate 3D printed gear fidget toy collection, featuring five unique designs that will engage your senses. Each 3D model showcases the fascinating mechanics of gears, providing endless stimulation. Printables

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