40 Festive Christmas 3D Prints

40 Top 3D Printed Christmas Ornaments & Decorations for 2024

This holiday season, explore the magical world of 3D printing and find a collection of festive designs that will bring your Christmas celebrations to life. Enjoy personalized ornaments that sparkle with holiday joy and charming decorations that turn your home into a winter wonderland. These Christmas 3D models will add a special touch to your 3D printing projects.

Immerse yourself in a world filled with cheerful designs, creating unique Christmas gift ideas and decorations to share through 3D printing. Whether you’re an experienced hobbyist or just starting, discover the magic of Christmas with this selection of heartwarming 3D printing ideas. You can see some of these festive STL files come to life by watching them get printed on my YouTube channel.

Christmas Tree Ornaments

3d printed christmas ornament set

Deck the halls with this nifty collection of 3D printed Christmas tree ornaments, where tradition meets innovation. This set includes three free 3D prints available in one easy download. Cults3D

Christmas Tree

3d printed christmas tree

A fully 3D printed Christmas tree is totally support free. This 3D model is designed so as each branch is printed it’s looped over unsupported to give you a natural branch. Cults3D

Lockable Gift Box Ornament

lockable gift box

Thoughtfully designed to add an extra layer of surprise and anticipation, this 3D printed gift box ensures that your heartfelt gesture remains a complete secret until Christmas Day. Cults3D

Xmas Tree Shot Dispenser

christmas tree shot dispenser

Raise your holiday spirits with this Christmas tree-shaped shot dispenser. This festive and functional centerpiece brings merriment to your gatherings as it dispenses cheer in every shot. MyMiniFactory

Christmas Cookie Cutters

3d printed christmas cookies cutters

Bake up holiday treats with this collection of 3D printed Christmas cookie cutters. Each intricately designed cutter brings a touch of festive flair to your cookies, transforming your kitchen into a winter wonderland. Cults3D

Merry Christmas Display Sign

merry christmas display

This elegant arrangement of letters captures the joy of the season in a stylish display. Whether on your mantel, wall, or as a table centerpiece, it’s a simple yet impactful way to let words speak volumes. Cults3D

Die Hard Ornament

die hard christmas ornament

Bring the action of Die Hard into your holidays with this hilarious Christmas tree ornament. This unique piece pays homage to the iconic scene of John McClane crawling through the air vent. Cults3D

3D Printed Snowman

3d printed snowman

Craft a frosty friend like never before with this 3D printed snowman ornament. These STL files come in multiple pieces for easy printing and assembly for a charming decoration piece. Thingiverse

Filament Spool Ornament

filament spool ornament

Add a dash of your favorite hobby to your Xmas tree with a tangled spool of filament. This unique Christmas ornament pays homage to the world of 3D printing. Hang it proudly on your tree! Cults3D

Articulated Christmas Toys

Articulated Christmas Toys

Unleash the magic of the season with this  set of articulated Christmas toys. These charming figures boast flexible joints for dynamic movement, turning your holiday decor into a festive spectacle. Thingiverse

Super Mario Star Topper

3d printed super mario tree topper

Light up your Christmas Tree with a touch of nostalgia when you print this Super Mario star tree topper. It transforms your Christmas tree into a pixelated wonderland as the iconic power-up takes center stage. Cults3D

Tree Advent Calendar

christmas tree advent calendar

Count down to Christmas in style with this tree-shaped advent calendar. Each day can reveal a small a festive surprise, turning the traditional countdown into a joyful tree of delights. Cults3D

Reindeer Antler Headband

3d printed reindeer headband

Elevate your festive style with a set of reindeer antlers. Whether you’re attending a Christmas party or spreading cheer at home, these 3D printed antlers add a dash of charm and playfulness to your holidays. Cults3D

F### You Ornament

tree ornament

Say goodbye to the year with a little humor when you 3D print this unapologetically candid tree ornament. Sometimes, the best way to embrace the holidays is by bidding farewell to a challenging year. Cults3D

Mandalorian Manger Scene

Mandalorian Manger Scene​

Experience a Christmas from a galaxy far, far away this year when you 3D print a Mandalorian Christmas manger scene. This unique display features iconic characters like Grogu as baby Jesus. Thingiverse

Shrek Gingy Ornament

shrek gingerbread man ornament

Add a sprinkle of Shrek to your tree with a gingerbread man tree ornament. They’re available in two 3D models, with and without his legs! Hang Gingy on your tree for a delightful dose of nostalgia. Cults3D

Santa Candy Bowl

sanda christmas candy bowl

Delight your guests with a joyful candy bowl shaped like Santa’s legs. These STL files will add a touch of Christmas magic to your treats and are totally support free with no painting required. Cults3D

Clogged Nozzle Ornament

clogged nozzle ornament

This unique decoration pays homage to the trials of every 3D printing enthusiast. Turn a tech challenge into a festive charm and celebrate the creative journey of additive manufacturing. Cults3D

Santa Sleigh Planter

santa sleigh planter

Let your plants ride in style on Christmas with this Santa sleigh 3D model. It’s not just a planter… it’s a sleigh ride for your botanical buddies which can also be used as a festive candy bowl. Cults3D

Santa Sleigh

3d printed santa sleigh and reindeer

Rev up your holiday spirit with a display of Santa Slause on his sleigh. Watch as Santa and his reindeer soar in three-dimension while on display in your home this Christmas. Thingiverse 

Reindeer Hoof Stamp

3d printed reindeer hoof stamp

Leave a trail of enchantment with this 3D printed reindeer hoof stamp. This easy-to-print 3D model transforms ordinary surfaces into deer prints, making them perfect to entertain kids on Christmas Day. Thingiverse

Pokemon Tree Topper

pokemon staryu tree topper

Enhance your holiday decor to legendary heights with the Mew and Staryu Christmas tree topper dream team. Why settle for a regular star when you can have legendary Pokemon bringing the festive magic? Cults3D

Cork Reindeer

reindeer cork

Repurpose old corks into adorable reindeer, adding a touch of DIY to your holiday decor. Craft a herd of upcycled cheer and give those corks a second life as charming, sustainable decorations. Cults3D

Santa Countdown Chimney

santa chimney advent calendar

Experience the thrill of Santa’s descent with this unique 3D printed advent calendar. Each day you remove a tile, watch Santa hilariously take a plunge further down the chimney. Cults3D

Mechanical Christmas Toy

3d printed christmas toy

Unleash holiday hilarity with this mechanical Christmas toy. Press the button and watch as the present magically opens, giving Santa a playful scare right off his chair. Makes a cool last minute gift idea! Cults3D

Nozzle Tree Ornament

3d printed nozzle ornament

Inject a touch of technology into your holidays with this beautiful model. This STL file features a nozzle that oozes festive filament, adding a touch of maker’s magic to your tree. Cults3D

3D Printer Ornament

3d printer ornament

What’s the most fitting ornament for a 3D printing enthusiast? Well, a 3D printer of course! It’s not just an ornament; it’s a nod to the magic of crafting and creating. Instructables

Missile Toad​

3d printed missile toad

Launch your holidays into a new dimension with this 3D printed Missile Toad figure. Blow your partner away when you kiss by this hilarious toad. Guaranteed to spark conversations and laughter. Printables

Christmas Wreath

3d printed christmas wreath

Deck the halls with a twist of 3D printing! This 3D printed holiday wreath is a festive fusion of technology and tradition. The 3D model comes in multiple parts for easy printing and assembly. Cults3D

Skiing Santa

Slide into the holiday spirit with this charming 3D printed toy. Crank the gears and watch in delight as Santa glides from side to side, bringing a touch of winter magic to your festivities.  Cults3D


snowflake 3d print

Enchant your winter decor with this intricately designed 3D printed Snowflake. This flat-packed style STL file can stand on its own once assembled. Hang it from a tree or display it as a centrepiece. Printables

Christmas Tree Key Hanger

christmas tree key hanger

This festive and functional gadget not only adds holiday cheer to your home, but also keeps your keys in check. When you hang your keys, this Xmas tree pops up to say “Merry Christmas”. Cults3D

Surprise Ornaments

surprise Christmas tree balls

Deck the tree with a surprise! These Christmas balls aren’t just decorations; they’re magical capsules of cuteness. Each ball contains an adorable Christmas-themed character. Cults3D

Homer Tree Ornament

simpsons homer meme ornament

This iconic meme-inspired decoration adds a touch of hilarity to your festive decor. Let Homer’s discreet charm and festive spirit blend seamlessly into your tree and holiday celebrations. Cults3D

Advent Countdown Calendar

santa advent calendar

Bring the magic of the North Pole into your home with this nifty Santa advent countdown calendar. Turn the cubes each day and let the anticipation of Christmas Day build-up. MyMiniFactory

Tealight Christmas Tree

tealight christmas tree cover

Illuminate your holidays with this elegant and festive electronic tealight cover. This 3D model adds a warm and jolly glow to your holidays and can be printed in vase mode so it comes out perfect without any seams. Cults3D

Gift Card Holder

3d printed gift card holder

Wrap your holiday wishes with this 3D printed gift card holder. A print-in-place model that nestles your gift inside an adorable present-shaped package, making your gesture even more special. Cults3D

Christmas Tree Glasses

christmas tree glassses

See the holidays through a festive lens with a pair of silly Christmas glasses. Whether you’re caroling or enjoying holiday lights, let these glasses add a touch of joyful enchantment to your celebrations. Thingiverse

Jumpy Present

Jumpy Present 3d model

Leap into fun with this 3D printed jumping present toy, a spring-loaded gadget that hops! Simply push down on its legs and watch as it joyously jumps up, defying expectations. Cults3D

Surprise Gift Box

surprise middle finger gift box 3d print

Naught and nice! Surprise and delight (or shock) your friends with this unique 3D printed gift box, ingeniously designed to reveal either a middle finger or a heart when opened.  Cults3D

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