Top 5 3D Printed Mouse Traps​

3D Printed Mouse Traps: Best STL Files & 3D Models for 2024

In the ever-evolving world of pest control, a new player has emerged that’s set to revolutionize how we handle one of our oldest adversaries: the common house mouse. Enter the era of 3D printed mouse traps, a fusion of technological advancement and practical application, offering a fresh take on an age-old problem.

What sets 3D models apart from conventional mouse traps, is not just their novelty, but their potential for customization. Unlike mass-produced traps, these mouse trap 3D prints can be tailored to specific needs and environments. They can be designed to be live-catch and humane, more effective, or even more aesthetically pleasing, blending seamlessly into the environment they are placed in.

For dealing with unwelcome rodents in your residence, you’re certain to discover a suitable trap in this collection. Several of mouse traps are fully created using 3D printing technology, while others might need additional components. They are all designed to be humane and simple to assemble, eliminating the need for hazardous substances or risky parts. All you need is access to a 3D printer! 

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Fully 3D Printable Mouse Trap​​

Fully 3D Printable Mouse Trap​
Mouse Trap 3D Print​

This innovative design is a humane mousetrap that is entirely 3D printable, effectively removing the necessity for any screws or additional hardware for assembly. Each component of the trap is designed to either press-fit or screw together effortlessly, ensuring a straightforward and tool-free setup process. Simply place a bit of bait, and it’s ready for use!

This STL file mostly contains support free models to easily 3D print on any printer and features a well designed hook to ensure bait stays in place. The rodent’s weight triggers the mechanical trap as it reaches for the bait, snapping shut both ends of the trap. A great small and easy print that you can place in multiple places around the house to increase your chances of catching your unwelcomed guest. More information and files at Cults3D.

Mascall Mill Mouse Trap

3d printed bucket Mouse Trap​
Mascall Mill Mouse Ttrap

The Mascall Mill mouse trap, often referred as a bucket mouse trap, is a cunning contraption that dates back over 400 years. This 3D printed rendition of the design is capable of outsmarting the shrewdest of rodents. It boasts a design reminiscent of a miniature windmill with spinning blades.

As the windmill turns, it lures the unsuspecting mice with its hypnotic motion, only to capture them in a non-lethal embrace buy dipping them into the bucket bellow. Better yet, place some peanut butter on the ends and you will have them lining up!

Considering mice can leap more than a foot high, it’s advisable to use a deep bucket for a catch-and-release approach, ensuring they cannot escape. Additionally, provide a means for the mice to climb to the top, such as a simple wooden ramp. More information and files on Thingiverse.

Recycled Bottle Mouse Trap

bottle mouse trap stl file
bottle mouse trap 3d model

Introducing the a cleverly designed, 3D printed mouse trap that transforms an ordinary bottle into a mouse-catching marvel. With ingeniously engineered parts, this trap easily attaches to bottles, offering a creative way to repurpose empty drink containers.

Entice mice with bait placed at the bottle’s base, then watch as the trap cleverly tilts, utilizing the mouse’s own weight to tip the bottle. A perfect blend of simplicity, efficiency, and a touch of DIY charm.

This 3D-printed trap is designed for easy snap and screw-on assembly, boasting a rapid printing time. It also incorporates a unique mechanism requiring just a single coin to serve as a counterweight, triggering the bottle’s end to close securely. More information and files on Cults3D.

The Delusion Mouse Trap

the delusion mouse trap stl file
the delusion mouse trap 3d print

A modernised 3D printed version of an antique mouse trap first designed over 150 years ago. This 3D model stays true to the ingenious principles of the Delusion design while adding a touch of 21st-century innovation.

The Delusion mouse trap operates on a simple yet effective principle. It features a chamber with a bait station on the side, enticing the unsuspecting rodent with a tantalizing treat. As the mouse enters, it navigates through a one-way door leading to an enclosed and spacious compartment.

Capable of catching multiple mice until the chamber is full, this durable design only needs a few screws for reinforcement, ensuring that mice cannot gnaw their way out. More information and files on Thingiverse.

Mason Jar Mouse Trap

mason jar mouse trap stl file
mason jar mouse trap 3d print

A cleverly designed 3D printed lid that transforms any empty mason jars into a humane mouse traps. It’s a perfect blend of rustic charm and modern ingenuity, turning a common household item into a non-lethal, reusable mouse trap.

The design of this 3D model incorporates a distinctive tilting plank system. When a mouse is lured by bait inside the jar, the mechanism subtly shifts, leading the mouse to gently slide into the jar. Following the mouse’s entry, the plank returns to its initial position, effectively closing the entrance and safely capturing the mouse.

This STL file is suited for any standard 32 ounce mason jar. After capturing the mouse, the lid can be easily unscrewed, allowing the mouse to be gently tipped out and released into a new environment. More information and files on Printables.

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