40 Legendary Dragon 3D Prints

40 Legendary Dragon 3D Prints: Best 3D Models & STL Files

The fusion of technology and imagination has given rise to an extraordinary trend: 3D printed dragons. The allure of mythical creatures, combined with the cutting-edge capabilities of 3D printing, has inspired enthusiasts to create their own designs. As dragons hold a special place in the lore of various cultures, as well as in TV shows and games, their digital resurrection through 3D printing brings these magnificent beasts into our homes, offering a tangible piece of fantasy to admire and explore.

Our carefully curated collection of dragon STL files push the boundaries of the imagination, featuring articulated 3D printed dragon figures and 3D models that make the perfect addition to any Dungeons & Dragons game night. Whether they’re inspired by iconic movie characters or your favorite games, these dragon 3D prints are sure to spark the desire to start up your 3D printer.

Articulated Crystal Dragon

3d printed Articulated Crystal Dragon

A mystic marvel born from the alchemy of technology and imagination. This articulated dragon looks beautiful when printed in fancy filament. Cults3D

Dragon Claws

3d printed Dragon Claws

Unleash your inner dragon with these insanely cool 3D printed claws. This model is designed to fit snuggly over your fingertips to give the user Dragon talons. Cults3D

Three Headed Dragon

Three Headed Dragon

From the depths of imagination, behold the marvel of a 3D printed, articulated three-headed dragon. Guaranteed to be three times more fun than a single dragon. Cults3D

Dragon Egg Dice Holder

Dragon Egg Dice Holder

Impress your friends at your next D&D night! This Dragon egg dice holder comes with an interchangeable insert that can hold a variety of dice shapes. Printables

Face Changing Toothless

3d printed toothless

Bring Toothless from How To Train Your Dragon to life with all his emotions! Each time you tug on his ears, this cute model switches Toothless’ expression. Cults3D

Dragon Scale Planter

Dragon Scale Planter stl file

Embrace the harmony of nature and fantasy with this remarkable dragon scale planter. Each scale adorns this planter as if plucked from the hide of a mystical dragon. Printables

Articulated Mushu

Mulan Mushu 3d print

Mushu has been brought to life with an articulated twist! This stunning creation is a homage to the beloved character and iconic dragon from Mulan. Cults3D

Dragon Filament Clip

Dragon Filament Clip model

Add a touch of mythical flair to your 3D printing tasks. This small yet mighty accessory safeguards your filament spool with the spirit of a dragon. Printables

Dragon Switch Dock

Dragon nintendo Switch Dock

Transform your gaming realm into a domain of legendary adventures with this 3D printed dragon that will hug your Nintendo Switch dock with its wings. MyMiniFactory

Dragon Phone Holder

This beautiful dragon STL file creates an enchanting sanctuary for your phone. A symbol of the blend between myth and practicality! MyMiniFactory

Dragon Bowl

Dragon Bowl

A bowl that transforms snack time into a legendary experience. Leave it up to this sleeping dragon to hold your favorite treats, jewelry or keys. MyMiniFactory

Hanging Dragon Planter

Hanging Dragon Planter

This captivating planter is suspended mid-air by a dragon. This enchanting creation transforms any space into a realm where nature meets myth. MyMiniFactory

Dragon Teeth Dice Set

3d printed Dragon Teeth Dice Set

Although they may be oddly shaped, this dice set is perfectly functional and comes with a cool holder in the shape of a dragon’s bottom jaw. Printables

Spyro Figure

Spyro stl file

Bring the magical world of Spyro to life in stunning detail with this 3D printed figure. Comes with multi-material STL to easily print in color. Printables

Godzilla Lamp

Godzilla Lamp

Illuminate your space with the awe-inspiring might of Japan’s most feared monster. This Godzilla lamp 3D model let’s you light up a room with his atomic breath. Printables

Dragon Earrings

cute Dragon Earrings

Indulge in a touch of playfulness with adorable dragon earrings. These cute charms give the illusion of a tiny dragon gently biting your earlobe. MyMiniFactory

Articulated Dragon

Articulated Dragon stl file

An articulated dragon 3D print features a segmented body for movement, with detailed scales. Serves as a fun fidget toy for 3D printing enthusiasts. Cults3D

Dragon Door Knocker

Dragon Door Knocker

As visitors approach your home, they’ll be greeted by the majestic presence of a dragon, with the knocker held firmly in its jaws. Cults3D

Dragon Skull

Dragon Skull stl file

This captivating dragon skull 3D model serves as an incredible centerpiece, igniting the imagination and drawing onlookers into the mystique of legendary creatures. Printables

Dragon Skull Hairpin

Dragon Skull Hairpin

A unique hair accessory that adds an edgy and mystical touch to your style. This STL file features a dragon skull and sword combo, invoking the aura of bygone legends. Cults3D

Dragon Recorder

Dragon Recorder

Unleash melodious magic with this extraordinary dragon-shaped recorder. A musical treasure that breathes fire into your compositions. Printables

Dragon Calibration Print

Dragon Calibration Print

A calibration 3D print that will fine-tune and assess the precision of your 3D printer. Much like a Benchy, but in the shape of a cute dragon. Printables

Skyrim Alduin Wall Trophy

Dragon Wall Trophy

Step into the kingdom of Tamriel with this extraordinary Alduin Dragon wall trophy. A low poly 3D model brings the awe-inspiring presence of Alduin into your space. Cults3D

Flexible Rose Dragon

Flexible Rose Dragon

This 3D printed masterpiece combines the delicate beauty of a rose with the mythical grace of a dragon, creating a cute blend of artistry and imagination. Cults3D

Dragon Dice Tower

Dragon Dice Tower

Expeieirnce the thrill of tabletop gaming with this exceptional dragon-themed dice tower, boasting five magnificent dragons coiled around its structure. MyMiniFactory

Dragon Dice Guardian

Dragon Dice holder

This dice holder cradles your D20 dice within the slumbering body of a tiny dragon while it awaits the moment to awaken the next big gaming adventure. MyMiniFactory

Game of Thrones Eggs

Pay homage to the iconic Game of Thrones series with a realistic replica of Daenerys’ dragon eggs. Each egg can be delicately perched atop an Iron Throne stand. Cults3D

Dragon Scale Penholder

Dragon Penholder

This penholder will have you daydreaming about mystical creatures. Transport yourself into a realm of imagination and creativity while you work. Thingiverse

Flexible Gyarados

Flexible Gyarados 3d print

Bring your favorite dragon Pokemon to life with this articulated Gyarados 3D model. Pose and display him in various dynamic positions. Cults3D

Dragon Wind Spinner

Dragon Dance Wind Spinner

This enchanting dragon wind spinner captures the mesmerizing dance of mythical beasts dancing in the wind. Watch as a pair of dragons twirl in the wind. Cults3D

Articulated Dragon Skeleton​

Articulated Dragon Skeleton

Put your fine-tuned 3D printer to the test with an articulated dragon skeleton. This STL file offers a glimpse of what a dragon would look like without its flesh. Cults3D

Fire Breathing Dragon Lamp

Fire Breathing Dragon Lamp

This sizzling sensation will illuminate your space with a realistic flame that looks like it’s burning the ground beneath it. Inspired by the dragon from Game of Thrones. Thingiverse

Dragon Scale Lighter Case

Dragon Scale Lighter Case Bic

Add a little enchantment when you light up. Upgrade boring Bic lighters with a dragon-scale masterpiece that will leave your friends breathless with envy. Printables

Wiggling Dragon Keychain

Wiggling Dragon Keychain model

Unleash the power of the dragon with a charming dragon keychain. This eye-catching accessory comes to life as it wiggles around on your keyring. MyMiniFactory

Articulated Shenron

Articulated Shenron 3d print

This Articulated Shenron 3D model is the ultimate addition to any Dragon Ball Z fan’s collection. Summon the power of the Dragon Balls and 3D printing! Cults3D

Flexible Chinese Dragon

3d printed Chinese Dragon

Experience the power and majesty of a traditional Chinese dragon in the palm of your hands. This flexible dragon STL file is incredibly detailed. Fab365

Baby Dragon Cookie Cutters

Dragon Cookie Cutters stl

Dragon up your baking game with these cute baby dragon cookie cutters. Perfect for those who want to add a little fire to their kitchen creations. Cults3D

The Hobbit Smaug

The Hobbit Smaug 3d model

Crafted in the flames of modern technology, this Smaug 3D model will make you feel like Bilbo Baggins himself – except, you won’t have to steal him from a dragon’s lair. Cults3D

Surprise Dragon Egg

Dragon Egg stl file

This 3D printed dragon egg holds an exciting surprise. Crack open one of these scaly eggs to reveal hidden storage within that’s perfect for hiding treasured items or snacks. Cults3D

Butterfly Dragon​

Butterfly Dragon

A 3D printed dragon with the characteristics of a butterfly. This exceptional creature gracefully flutters through the skies, boasting a set of beautiful wings. Cults3D

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