50 Fantastic Super Mario 3D Prints

50 Super Mario 3D Prints: Best STL Files & 3D Models in 2024

Enhance your 3D printing projects and unlock your creative potential with these Super Mario-inspired 3D models. As 3D printing technology advances, it introduces a new realm of creative possibilities, enabling fans of Nintendo to materialize their cherished aspects of the Mushroom Kingdom right on their print bed. Dive into a world of creativity with puzzles, constructible levels, and practical items that draw inspiration from the iconic Super Mario Bros and Mario Kart franchises. 

In this article, we delve into a curated selection of outstanding Super Mario 3D models, covering everything from fun gadgets that add a playful touch to your everyday surroundings, to detailed STL files that honor our favorite characters from the series. Whether you are an experienced 3D printing veteran or a newcomer keen to start your first project, these ideas are designed to inspire your creativity and celebrate the rich legacy of the Super Mario universe. You can also view a variety of these creative 3D prints get made on my YouTube channel.

3D Printed Mario

mario stl file

When it comes to Mario 3D printing ideas, you can’t go pass this fantastic model of the Italian plumber himself. This STL file is able to have each colour printed separately. Thingiverse

Question Block Game Case

mario question block cartridge case

Level up your organization with this 3D printed Nintendo Switch cartridge case. This question block stores up to six games and micro SD cards. Cults3D

Piranha Plant Scissors

piranha plant scissors

This creative design might not work as a pair of functional scissors, but much like the Piranha Plant from the games it can grab items at a distance. Fab365

Warp Pipe Planter

super mario warp pipe planter

This warp pipe planter is perfect for nostalgic gamers who also like to garden. It’s designed to hold your favorite plants while giving a playful nod to classic video game. Cults3D

Napkin & Paper Towel Holder

mario level paper towel holder

A modular napkin and paper towel holder designed just like the iconic flagpole scene from the end of a Super Mario Bros level. Thingiverse

Super Mario Bros Magnets

super mario bros magnets

A set of magnets that bring the charm of Super Mario Bros to your fridge. Each magnet is a pixel-perfect recreation of the classic characters and items. Cults3D

Super Mario Rings

super mario rings 3d print

A collection of rings inspired by the Super Mario universe, exquisitely designed in 3D printable models to bring the pixelated world to your fingertips. Cults3D

Mario Star Tree Topper

super mario star christmas tree topper

This tree topper twinkles with the magic of the classic Super Star. The invincibility power-up from the games can now be perched at the top of your Christmas tree. Cults3D

Caged Lumalee

3d printed caged lumalee luma

This STL file features the bright, star-shaped character with its wide, innocent eyes and gleeful smile, all encased in a meticulously crafted cage. Cults3D

Bowser Playing Piano

bowser playing piano 3d print

This 3D model perfectly captures Bowser in a rare, gentle moment as he plays piano while singing the sweet Peaches song from The Super Mario Bros movie. Printables

Mario Kart Joy-Con Wheel

nintendo switch mario kart wheel 3d print

A 3D printed racing wheel, perfect for fans of the Mario Kart racing game. This wheel is specifically designed to hold the Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons. Printables

Dry Bones Koopa Troopa

Dry Bones Koopa Troopa stl file

An articulated figure of Dry Bones, the skeletal version of the classic Koopa Troopa. This detailed model boasts jointed limbs, wings and a weapon. Cults3D

Donkey Kong Shelves

donkey kong shelves

A set of 3D printed shelves inspired by the iconic Donkey Kong game levels. These STL files also feature Donkey Kong himself along with barrels and ladders. Cults3D

Bullet Bill Joy-Con Stand

bulley bullet joy con holder

A 3D printed Joy-Con stand modeled after the fearsome Bullet Bill from the Super Mario series. The stand’s design lets you display your controllers when not in use. Cults3D

Mario Coin Coasters

mario coin coasters 3d print

A set of coasters designed to resemble the classic collectable coins from the Super Mario Bros games. These STL files also include a Warp Pipe coaster holder. Cults3D

Boo Planter

mario boo planter 3d model

3D print a planter that brings the mischievous charm of Boo to your home or office. The hollow inside the ghostly figure serves as a quirky spot for plants. Cults3D

Super Mario Bros Pen Holder

super mario bros pen holder

A Super Mario Bros themed desk organizer, 3D modelled to resemble a classic level from the iconic game. Features Warp Pipe and flagpole pen holders. Thingiverse

Nintendo Switch Stand

mario piranha plant switch dock

This 3D model features the the Piranha Plant’s iconic snappy jaws as a secure holder for the Nintendo Switch, with stems that cleverly organizes your controllers. Cults3D

Cappy Eyes

Super Mario Odyssey cappy 3d print

A 3D printed replica of Cappy’s eyes, Mario’s sentient hat companion from Super Mario Odyssey. Can be placed on any hat for a quick and easy cosplay. Thingiverse

Thwomp Switch Game Case

3d printed thwomp game card holder

This heavy-duty cartridge case is designed with the grimacing face of Thwomp. Features slots inside securely store and display your collection of Switch games. Thingiverse

Mario Key Holder

mario key hanger

A Warp Pipe key hanger with a clever twist! When keys are hung, Mario pops out from the top as if he’s just travelled through the pipe. Cults3D

Bowser VS Mario Tic Tac Toe

bowser mario tic tac toe

A Super Mario-themed tic-tac-toe set, with 3D printed tiles featuring the iconic rivals: Mario and Bowser. Battle it out for the Mushroom Kingdom! Cults3D

Bob-omb Tissue Box

super mario bob-omb tissue box

A 3D printed tissue box modelled after the Bob-omb enemy from Super Mario. This accessory features the character’s round body with tissues as the fuse on top. Printables

Super Mario Mustaches

3d printed mario moustache

Finish off your cosplay with a 3D printed mustache. Just add an elastic strap and you’re ready to dress up as your favorite Super Mario hero or villain. Printables

Question Block Lamp

mario question block lamp

A 3D printed lamp inspired by the classic question block from Super Mario Bros. Create a warm glow that’s ideal for any gaming room or to be used as a nightlight. Pinshape

Chomp Google Home Stand

chain chomp google home holder

The stand features the Chain Chomp’s spherical, toothy form, with a hollowed-out section to securely house your Google Home device. Cults3D

Princess Peach Headband

princess peach crown tiara

A grand Princess Peach tiara headband, 3D printed to crown fans of the Mushroom Kingdom with royal charm. Add a touch of majesty to any outfit. Printables

Shell Switch Cartridge Case

3d printed mario kart shell switch game card holder

A Nintendo Switch cartridge case shaped like the iconic Koopa Troopa shells. Lift the top of the shell to expose slots for game cards to be stored securely. Cults3D

Mechanical Flagpole

3d printed super mario flagpole

This creative piece features a crank at the base that, when turned, raises or lowers the flag just like the end-of-level sequence in Super Mario game. Cults3D

Articulated Pokey Figure

cactus pokey figure

A 3D printed articulated figure of Pokey, the cactus enemy. Features flexible joints, allowing each part of Pokey’s body to rotate and stack in various poses. Cults3D

Joy-Con Grip Drink Holder

mario warp pipe switch drink holder

A 3D printed Warp Pipe drink holder designed for dual functionality: to grip your Joy-Cons and hold your beverage while your play the Nintendo Switch. Thangs

Brick Block Stash Box

super mario storage box brick

This STL file is designed after the classic brick blocks Mario loves to smash. Twist the top off to reveal a secret compartment ideal for storing carious items. Cults3D

Bullet Bill Game Card Holder

super mario bullet bill switch cartridge holder

Launch your gaming sessions into full speed while keeping your favorite games organized in this cool Bullet Bill Nintendo Switch cartridge case. Thingiverse

Bob-omb Candle Holder

super mario bob-omb candle holder

Combine the explosive personality of the Bob-omb enemy with the tranquil ambiance of candlelight. A tealight candle placed at the top will look like a fuse. MyMiniFactory

Donkey Kong Can Coozie

donkey kong can holder

This can coozie is designed to resemble the classic barrels from Donkey Kong. Keep your beverage cool while providing a comfortable grip. Cults3D

Super Mario Switch Dock

super mario nintendo switch dock

A Super Mario Bros themed Nintendo Switch dock, ingeniously designed with built-in game card slots. A must-have for any Super Mario fan. Cults3D

Super Mario Alphabet

super mario font alphabet

A complete 3D modelled Super Mario alphabet set inspired by the font in the game titles. Perfect for decorating kids bedroom and gaming rooms. Printables

Mario Cap Switch Stand

mario cap switch stand 3d print

A Nintendo Switch stand designed as Mario’s iconic red cap, 3D printed to bring a touch of the beloved plumber’s style to your gaming setup. Cults3D

Boo Toilet Roll Holder

mario boo toilet paper holder

A mischievous Boo toilet roll holder where the paper is dispensed from Boo’s mouth. This clever design captures Boo’s iconic look with hits wide eyes and sly smile. MyMiniFactory

Warp Pipe Switch Dock

super mario bros warp pipe switch dock

This clever STL file is a Nintendo Switch dock that doubles as a game card storage unit, designed to resemble the classic Warp Pipe from the Super Mario games. Cults3D

Question Block Shelf Doors

mario question block ikea box

Transform your shelf doors into Question Block storage compartments. This STL file is designed to fit standard dimension of IKEA shelf units. Cults3D

Super Mario Coins

3d printed mario coins

3D modeled after the classic gold coins from the Super Mario games. These coins can serve as game tokens, party favors, or decorative pieces for any Super Mario fan. Cults3D

Mario Kart Trophy

3d printed mario kart trophy

A 3D printed trophy inspired by the Mario Kart series, designed to replicate the Star Cup trophy in-game awards. Reward the winner on your next Mario Kart night. Cults3D

Thwomp Storage Box

thwomp box 3d print

This box is detailed to mimic the menacing face and craggy texture of a Thwomp. Stow away items while adding a touch of intimidating fun to your decor. Cults3D

Super Mario Cookie Cutters

super mario cookie cutters 3d printed

A delightful set of six Super Mario 3D printed cookie cutters. This STL file pack will bring a playful twist to baking, turning ordinary dough into classic characters and items. Cults3D

Super Mario 64 Penguin

super mario 64 penguin figure 3d print

A 3D model figure of the penguin from Super Mario 64, known not only for its icy slide races but also for players who sometimes threw it off the cliff for curiosity’s sake. Cults3D

Lakitu Figure

mario lakitu 3d print super mario bros

A 3D printed figure of Lakitu, the cloud-riding, camera-toting, Spiny throwing Koopa from the Super Mario series. By far the cutest of all enemies! Cults3D

Fat Yoshi Figure

A 3D printed figure of Fat Yoshi, a fuller-figured and endearingly plump interpretation of the beloved dinosaur companion from the Super Mario games. Thingiverse

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