20 Must-Have Pokemon 3D Prints

20 Pokemon 3D Printing Ideas

Are you ready to take your Pokemon obsession to the next level? This list is the ultimate PokeStop for finding your next 3D printed project. Adventure through the exciting world of Pokemon 3D prints and gear up for creative ideas you can make at home.

These Pokemon STL files feature insanely cool figurines, to custom-designed games and accessories. They make fantastic gift ideas for Pokemon fans who already have everything! You can watch some of these awesome Pokemon 3D models get printed on my YouTube channel.

Low Poly Pokemon

3d printed low poly pokemon figures

Choose your favorite Pokemon or print ‘em all with this huge collection of low poly Pokemon figures. They currently have the first 2 Gens! 3Demon

Fire Breathing Charmander

3d printed fire breathing Charmander

Bring the fiery spirit of Charmander to life! This 3D print just needs aquarium tube and lighter fluid to create a Charmander flamethrower! Cults3D

Pokemon Chess Set

3d printed pokemon chess set

Engage in an epic battle of wits and strategy with Pokemon chess! This set combines the timeless game of chess with favorite Pokemon. Thingiverse

Articulated Pokemon

3d printed Articulated Pokemon

Bring your favorite Pokemon to life with their articulated joints, allowing you to pose and display them in various dynamic positions. Cults3D

Ornamental Gengar

3d printed Ornamental Gengar

If you’re a big Pokemon collector that has everything, this artistic figure creates a unique eye-catching decor piece. Thingiverse

Buff Dugtrio Pot

3d printed buff dugtrio figure

This buff Dugtrio figure has a removable pot! Leave Pokemon fans in awe when they discover the incredible physique lurking beneath. Cults3D

Snorlax Google Home

3d printed Snorlax Google Home Stand

“Hey Snorlax, What’s the weather today?” Give your Google Home a cozy resting spot in Snorlax’s belly. Thingiverse

Krabby Pen Holder

3d printed Krabby Pen Holder

Add a pinch of charm to your desk with this delightful Krabby pen holder! A fun and practical way to keep your pens organized. Cults3D

Bulbasaur Planter

3d printed Bulbasaur Planter

This charming planter is specially designed to showcase your favorite plants while paying homage to the beloved Bulbasaur Pokemon. Printables

Swole Pokemon Figures

3d printed swole pokemon figures

Power up your Pokemon collection! These buff Pokemon showcase their strength and determination like never before. Thingiverse

Pokeball Game Case

3d printed Pokeball Switch Game card case

This eye-catching accessory takes the iconic shape of a Pokeball, adding a touch of Pokemon to your gaming experience. Thingiverse

Potion Phone Charger

3d printed pokemon Potion Phone Charger

Harness the power of potions and keep your devices charged with this enchanting portable USB battery charger. Thingiverse

Chonky Pokemon Figures

3d printed chonky pokemon figures

These Pokemon have eaten one too many Rare Candies! These figures capture the irresistible charm of Pokemon characters in their chonky forms. Cults3D

Cubone Skull

3d printed cubone skull

3D print a tribute to the world’s most lonely Pokemon! Creates a unique item for a collector that already has everything. Cults3D

Togepi Egg Cup

3d printed togepi egg cup

Start your day with a side of cuteness! This delightful Togepi eggcup turns your breakfast into a Pokemon adventure. Cults3D

Pokedex PSA Stand

3d printed Pokedex PSA Stand

Display you most cherished trading card like a true Pokemon Master! with this Pokexex PSA stand. Has variants to fit most graded card types. Etsy

Wailmer Pail

3d printed wailmer pail

Make watering your garden a delightful experience! This clever model is the perfect watering pot to go with your Bulbasaur planter! Thingiverse

Pokeball Bath Bomb Mold

3d printed pokeball bath bomb mold

Elevate your bathing routine with this Pokeball bath bomb mold. This 3D print allows you to create your very own Pokeball-shaped bath bombs. Cults3D

Pokemon Go Aimer

3d printed universal pokemon go aimer

Enhance your Pokemon GO catching skulls! This clever life hack clips onto the bottom of your phone to aid with catching any Pokemon. Thingiverse

Pokemon Cookie Cutters

3d printed pokemon cookie cutters

Bake your way to be the very best with these Pokemon cookie cutters! Perfect for making up a batch of delicious and nostalgic treats. Cults3D

Custom Pokeballs

custom pokeballs

3D print a unique themed Pokeball where they accurately capture the essence of the Pokemon it represents. Cults3D

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