30 Ways to Recycle Filament Spools​

30 Creative Ways to Reuse Empty Filament Spools​ for 2024

In the world of 3D printing, enthusiasts and professionals are continually seeking innovative solutions for sustainability, particularly regarding what to do with old filament spools. These spools, which once held the promise of countless creations, often end up as bulky reminders of projects past, cluttering workshops and studios. However, the principles of recycle, upcycle, reuse, and repurpose can transform these seemingly obsolete items into useful organization tips, entertainment and home decorations.

In this article we will explore many different ways you can give old 3D printer spools a new purpose. We’ll focus on which STL files and 3D models can make your next project eco-friendly and help reduce mess in your workspace. So, instead of throwing away those empty spools, let’s upcycle them into something both useful and creative!

Filament Spool Drawer

filament spool organizer

This 3D print lets you reuse your empty filament spools as handy storage units. Just print the parts, snap them together, and stack them up. Cults3D

Upcycled Spool Planter

upcycled filament spool planter

Give your spools a new life as a vertical planter! This 3D model lets you stack your empty filament spools and turn them into a green tower of plants. Cults3D

Filament Spool LED Lamp

empty filament spool lamp stl file

Recycle old filament spools into a colorful and customizable light source. Just 3D print the parts and insert a 5m LED strip. MyMiniFactory

Spool Bird Feeder

3d printed bird feeder

Tweet-worthy innovation awaits! This STL file lets you convert used filament spools into a cozy and convenient place for birds to eat. Cults3D

Spool Cable Organizer

3d printed cord organizer stil file

Keep your cables neat and tidy with a filament spool cable organizer. A convenient way to store, sort and tag all your small charging cables. Printables

Spool Laptop Stand

3d printed laptop stand made from an empty filament spool

Elevate your workspace with this eco-friendly solution! This 3D model ingeniously repurposes an empty filament spool into a sleek laptop stand. Printables

Filament Spool Stool

filament spool 3d printed stool

There is an imposter among us! Transform empty spools into a collapsible stool that mimics the appearance of a regular filament roll when collapsed. Printables

Vertical Spool Drawer

Vertical Filament spool drawer stl file

Recycle old filament spools into a clever, space-saving storage option with a vertical twist. Boost your efficiency stylishly, one spool at a time. Thingiverse

Modular Terrain Models

wargaming filament spool 3d models

These 3D prints let you reuse old filament spools as a customizable base for your wargaming scenery. There’s over 50 models to choose from! DigitalTaxidermy

Christmas Lights Storage

christmas lights storage empty spool

Add a festive touch to your empty spools! No need for 3D printing, just wrap your Christmas lights around the spool for a tangle-free storage solution. Reddit

Spray Paint Turntable

Spool Spray Paint Turntable stl file

Spin into creativity with this ingenious spool spray paint turntable. Powered by marbles, it revolutionizes your DIY projects with smooth, even rotations. Cults3D

Spool Cable Winder

3d printed spool cord winder 3d print

Tame the tangle, wind with wonder! This 3D print lets you use repurpose old filament spools as a handy tool to coil and store cables and rope. Printables

Filament Spool Clock

diy filament spool clock 3d print

Turn time on its axis when you repurpose an empty filament spool into a rotating vertical clock. It’s a blend of functionality and style. Thingiverse

Prusa Spool Board Game

Prusament spool race board game

From spool to play! Transform your Prusament spools into the centerpiece of game night with this 3D printed board game upgrade. Printables

Prusament Box

prusament empty spool box stil file

A very simple yet nifty 3D printed model that turns the cardboard core of an empty spool into a sleek storage box with a twist-top lid. Printables

Spool Cat Ball Track

empty filament spool cat ball track stl file

Revamp empty filament spools into a cat’s dream track! This 3D print turns waste into whisker-tickling fun, making recycling a joyride for your furry friend. Printables

Drone Landing Pad

3d printed drone landing pad

Land and take off in style! This STL file is designed to attach to your camera tripod to create the perfect touchdown spot for your drone.  Printables

Rotating Organizer

Rotating filament Spool Organizer​

Spin your way to sleek organization and keep your workspace clutter-free. This 3D printed gem turns your spools into a revolving display of efficiency. Thingiverse

Prusament Fan

3d printed prusament spool fan

Beat the heat with a breeze of creativity! This 3D printed project upcycles an empty Prusament spool into a working desk fan. Printables

Vertical Spool Garden

vertical spool garden stl file

Green up your space with a vertical garden, ingeniously crafted from empty filament spools. Transform your recyclables into a vibrant display of flora. MyMiniFactory

Prusament Connect

prusament connect stl file

Revolutionize your workspace with this filament spool surface modular system. Use empty Prusa spools as peg boards or workspace decoration. Printables

Filament Spool Air Filter

old filament spool air filter

Breathe easy by repurposing filament spools into effective air purifiers. This eco-friendly solution filters out the unseen for cleaner air in your workspace. Thingiverse

Spool Spice Carousel

filament spool spice carousel stl file

Spice up your kitchen with this clever rotating carousel spice rack. The perfect STL file to download to add a dash of efficiency to your seasoning storage. Cults3D

Vertical Paint Turntable

filament spool Vertical Turntable​ stl file

Arrange your workspace with this 3D printed design that transforms recycled spools into a vertical turntable. You can also repurpose old filament rollers to use as a stand. Thingiverse

Socks Hanger

3d printed socks hanger

Say goodbye to sock chaos with with DIY sock hanger! Turn a leftover spool into a clever hanger for organizing your socks and other small washables. Printables

Prusament Spool Spirograph​

Prusament Spool 3d printed Spirograph

Unleash your inner artist with this 3D printed mod that turns Prusament spools into a mesmerizing tool for creating intricate and beautiful spirograph designPrintables

Geometric Leaning Game

kids Geometric Leaning Game 3d print

Spark curiosity and learning with this geometric learning game for kids, crafted entirely from 3D printed parts and an empty filament spool. Printables

The One Ring Lamp

empty filament spool the one ring 3d print

Shine a light on Middle-earth’s most powerful artifact with the One Ring lamp. The perfect 3D printing idea for Lord of the Rings fans who like to recycle. Thingiverse

Dual Spool Cord Wrap

empty filament spool cord wrap stl file

Tame the tangle with this DIY cord wrap with two recycled filament spools. This 3D model offers a sleek, eco-friendly way to organize your cables and cords. Printables

Spool Spinning Top

3d printed filament spool spinning tops

Give old spools a new life with epic spinning battles. Perfect for enthusiasts of all ages to blend the art of 3D printing with the joy of spinning top games. Printables

Spool Tree House

3d printed spool tree house

Perfect for kids or decoration, this 3D printed spool tree house is cleverly designed to repurpose an empty filament spool into a charming playtime paradise. Printables

Spool Chandelier

Prusament spool chandelier

This 3D printed design weaves together multiple cardboard cores from empty Prusa spools, transforming them into a stunning, working chandelier. Printables

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