50 Amazing Garden 3D Prints

Top 50 3D Printed Garden​ Tools & Accessories for 2024

In the realm of home gardening, innovation has taken a giant leap forward with the advent of 3D printing. Whether you’re a seasoned green thumb or just starting to cultivate your own slice of nature, integrating 3D printing gardening techniques can transform your outdoor space into a haven of efficiency and creativity. From practical tools that ease the nurturing of your plants to gadgets and accessories that add a personal touch, the possibilities are endless.

In this blog post, we’re excited to share some amazing garden ideas that harness the power of 3D printing. Not only will we explore a variety of garden STL files that you can download and print, but we’ll also dive into the world of customizable 3D models designed to enhance your gardening experience. Whether you’re looking to optimize your watering routine, protect your seedlings, or simply add flair to your flower beds, these 3D printing ideas are sure to inspire. 

Garden Labels

3d printed garden labels

Spruce up your patch these 3D printed vegetable and herb garden labels. They stand as mini monuments to your gardening skills. Cults3D

Self Watering Bottle

pet self watering bottle stl file

Keep your plants perfectly hydrated with a bottle self-watering bottle. This STL file easily converts a standard bottle into an effective self-watering system. Printables

Fruit Picker

fruit picker stl file

Discover the future of home fruit harvesting with this innovative 3D model. Say goodbye to ladder acrobatics and hello to effortless fruit picking. Cults3D

Seedling Starter Planters

Seedling planters 3d model

Kickstart your garden with these seeling starter planters. Its optimized design promotes healthy root growth and easy transplantation. Printables

Bee Feeder

bee feeder 3d print

Give your garden’s hardest workers a much-needed pit stop. This eco-friendly accessory offers  bees a safe haven for hydration and nourishment. Printables

Modular Hydroponic Tower

Modular Hydroponic Tower​ garden 3d print

This cutting-edge design allows you to build a 3D printed vertical garden that saves space while maximizing yield. Perfect for urban dwellers with limited space. Printables

Digital Sundial

digital sundial 3d print

Combines the ancient art of solar time tracking with a twist of digital magic, casting shadows that morph into digital time readouts on your garden path. MakerWorld

Watering Bottle Cap

watering bottle cap 3d print

Upcycle any standard bottle into a handy watering tool with this 3D printed water bottle cap. Perfect for small plants indoor and out. Printables

Bottle Drip Irrigation

water bottle drip irrigation stl file

Create a controlled drip feed that ensures your plants receive the right amount of water directly at their roots, conserving water and time. Cults3D

Outdoor Wall Planters

outdoor wall planters stl file

Add a geometric twist to your outdoor space with these hexagon planters, designed to bring life to any wall. This 3D model offers a unique way to display your plants. Printables

Garden Hose Diffuser

garden hose diffuser 3d model

Improve your watering routine with a garden hose diffuser. Spreads water in a soft, rain-like pattern, perfect for nurturing delicate plants  and seedlings. Printables

Bottle Bird Feeder

bird feeder stl file

This eco-friendly STL file offers a second life to plastic bottles while providing a steady stream of seeds to feed the birds in your garden. Cults3D

Plant Watering Reminder

water plants reminder 3d print

Never forget to hydrate your green friends again with an innovative daily checklist. Keep your plant care routine on track with this interactive 3D model. Cults3D

Windmill Whirligig

Windmill Whirligig 3d print

Enhance your garden with a customizable whirligig windmill. Select your colors and propeller sizes to match your outdoor decor. Cults3D

Garden Leaf Rake

garden leaf rake 3d model

Rake in a new era of garden maintenance! This STL file features 3D printable a rake head with replaceable teeth, meaning a longer life for your tool. Printables

Paper Pot Maker

Paper Pot Maker stl file

Embrace eco-friendly gardening with this DIY paper pot maker. Transform newspaper into biodegradable plant pots, offering a sustainable start for your seedlings. Printables

Garden Beak

garden beak 3d print

The ultimate garden tool for efficiency and versatility! This innovative tool excels at quickly digging holes and effortlessly moving soil, rocks, or gravel. Cults3D

Avocado Seed Sprouter

Avocado Seed Sprouter 3d model

Ready to grow your own avocado forest? Guac ‘n’ roll with this cute avocado spouter as the perfect nurturing spot for your seed to embark on its journey to treehood. Cults3D

Chicken Park Sign

jurassic park chicken park sign 3d print

Welcome to Chicken Park, where the adventure is egg-citing and the inhabitants are a little less ferocious but twice as feathery! Printables

Garden Bed Screen

3d printed garden bed screen

Designed to easily attach screens or netting around your garden beds, these 3D printed brackets provide a sturdy solution to shield your plants from pests and wind. Cults3D

Garden Bed Screen​

antique hand pump 3d model

This 3D model combines the nostalgic charm of an antique well hand pump with the peaceful beauty of a flowing water feature. Cults3D

Honeycomb Plant Support

3d printed plant support

Elevate your garden’s look with this 3D printed plant trellis. Its unique honeycomb pattern provides perfect climbing aid for vines while adding a decorative touch. Printables

Hornet & Wasp Trap

hornet wasp trap stl file

Say goodbye to unwelcomed guests with this 3D printable wasp trap. This STL file offers a non-toxic solution by luring in pests with their favorite food as bait. Printables

Seed Dryer

seeder dryer stl file

Optimize your seed-saving process with this DIY seed dryer, designed to fit a standard-sized computer fan. 3D print and stack as many layers as you require. Printables

Fully 3D Printable Beehive

Fully 3D Printable Beehive

Buzz into sustainability with a fully 3D printable beehive. This modular deign is a great beekeeping alternative to those who have access to a 3D printer. HexHives

Micro Planter Chess Set

micro planter chess set 3d print

Checkmate your gardening and game night with this unique outdoor chess set, where each piece doubles as a mini planter. MyMiniFactory

Garden Shovel

gardening shovel stl file

Dig into your next gardening project with this small garden shovel. This compact, yet sturdy trowel is perfectly sized for potting plants and transplanting small seedlings. Cults3D

Modular Moss Pole

Modular Moss Pole stl file

This modular moss pole allows for customizable height adjustments to accommodate the growth of your indoor plants. MakerWorld

Rain Collector

Rain Collector stl file

Maximize your water harvesting with this rainwater collector. Designed to seamlessly integrate into your existing downpipe system to divert rainwater into your tank. Cults3D

Collapsible Bird House

3d printed bird house

This 3D printed bird house is designed to provide a cozy haven for birds while boasting a collapsible feature for easy storage and cleaning. Thingiverse

Slug & Snail Trap

slug and snail trap 3d print

A non-toxic solution to safeguard your plants! This 3D printable snail and slug trap only needs beer or yeast mixture for bait to protect your previous greens. Printables

Berry Picker

3d printed Berry Picker

Harvest your berries easily with a 3D printed berry picker. Enjoy the fruits of your labour and streamline the harvesting process with this revolutionary tool. Cults3D

Master Sword Plant Trellis

zelda Master Sword Plant Trellis

Bring a touch of fantasy to your garden with this cool Legend of Zelda inspired Master Sword plant trellis. It’s dangerous to grow alone, 3D print this! MakerWorld

Hummingbird Feeder

3d printed Hummingbird Feeder

Invite the jewel of the garden for a rest and nourishment with this 3D printed hummingbird feeder. Perfect for bird lovers and nature enthusiasts. Printables

Honeycomb Seed Tray

Honeycomb Seed Tray 3d model

This honeycomb seed germination kit provides you an organized, visually appealing way to start your plants. Kickstart your garden in style! Cults3D

Seed Planter

3d printed seed planter

Make planting season effortless with this print-in-place seed planter. Simply insert it into the soil, squeeze, and it instantly makes space for seeds to be placed inside. Printables

Gardening Finger Claws

Gardening Finger Claws 3d model

Enhance your gardening efficiency with these innovative garden finger claws. Add a new level of convenience and functionality to gardening tasks. Cults3D

Strawberry Support

Strawberry Support stl file

This 3D model ensures your strawberries grow lush, clean, and perfectly ripe by keeping them off the ground safe from pests and rot. Thingiverse

Vegetable Binder Clips

3d printed tomato clips

Gently support and guide the growth of your vegetables, ensuring they grow upright and healthy. The perfect trellis for growing tomatoes! Cults3D

Small Rake

hand rake 3d print

This 3D printable rake is ideal for reaching into tight spaces, fluffing mulch, smoothing soil in pots, and delicate weeding around your prized plants. Cults3D

DIY Greenhouse

diy greenhouse stl file

This geodesic dome will revolutionize home cultivation. Includes all the brackets and instructions needed to make a DIY greenhouse. MakerWorld

Garden Gnome Planters

Garden Gnome Planters

Add a dash of mischief and charm to your garden! These garden gnome planters will bring personality and fun to any outdoor space. Cults3D

Psyduck Watering Can

Psyduck Watering Can stl file

Add some fun to your watering routine using this Psyduck watering can. Let Psyduck join your Pokemon adventures and make watering your plants an entertaining task. Cults3D

Suet Balls Bird Feeder

Suet Balls Bird Feeder 3d print

Transform your garden into a bird paradise with this suet balls holder. An ideal 3D printing idea for nature enthusiasts who enjoy birdwatching. Printables

Watering Can

3d printed watering can

Whether you need a compact size for indoor plants or a larger capacity for outdoor gardens, this watering can be scaled to fit your gardening needs. Thingiverse

Mason Bee Home

Boost your garden’s health and help the environment with this 3D printed mason bee hive. Mimics the natural nesting sites favored by these peaceful bees. Cults3D

Garden Dibbler

Streamline your planting process with a 3D printed dibbler. Perfect planting holes for seeds and seedlings, it ensures consistent depth for optimal growth. Cults3D

Garden Fairy Tree House

Transform your garden into a magical fairyland with this STL file complete with tiny doors and windows designed to turn trees into enchanting homes. Cults3D

PET Bottle Watering Can

This sleek 3D printed marvel transforms any standard PET bottle into a fully functional watering can, offering a sustainable and convenient solution for plant care. Cults3D

Rocket Sprinkler

Blast off when you water your garden with a 3D printble rocket capable of launching water up to 2 meters high. It’s not only fun but covers a wide area for hydration. Cults3D

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